Cardiac affection

In his roles, we often see ambivalence on the verge of schizophrenia and the exposed nerve, experimental music zombie - its outlet, and he - wide object of desire for millions of fans.

Ryan Gossling - one of the "hottest bachelor" (Version "Reople" and not only) in Hollywood. It has everything that attracts, captivates and disarms - a measure of eccentricity, to the extent of brutality and mass of natural masculine charm.

"I know these guys, they take all the air ...ยป
So I said about Ryan Michelle Williams, after a joint survey in "Sad Valentine" ("Blue Valentine"). Well I believe it, because she knew of one such ...

And let the tabloids from time to time try to attribute to Ryan Gosslingu one or the other affair, the status of a womanizer him well, not glued - in the choice of companions, he just picky, as in the choice of roles. Such thoroughness, probably formed as a result of Mormon upbringing.


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