The Spotted Cow

Mulatto beauty of the fashion world has long recognized among Asian women also have popular models, which are equal to thousands of young girls. But Alek Wek represents an exotic type "Negro to the bone" - a child of the African savannah, the girl from the world where there are no highways, the Internet and couture, women go bare-chested, arrange ritual dances around the campfire and worship the Spirit of the Jaguar. Large nose, thick lips, narrowed eyes and a shaved head - with the usual canons of beauty for us looks Alek Wek does not fit, but her modeling career can envy pyshnovolosyh thousands of blue-eyed blondes and sensual oriental beauties

Alec belongs to the Dinka - an ethnic group of Southern Sudan. In the language of the Dinka her name means "black spotted cow." She was born in a town called Wau, in a large family (other than Alec's family had eight children) in 1977. Maybe it sounds strange, but his success in life ... Alec owes war. It is because of the civil war in Sudan, Alec and part of her family emigrated to London in 1991

There, in the Foggy Albion in 1995 opened a scout British modeling agency Models 1. And it happened without any effort on the part of Alec: agent spotted her at the supermarket. He thought that a stout, black as night, girl diversify the ranks of white-skinned slender meshes. And he was right. In 18 years, Alec began to show outfits famous British designers, and a year later signed a contract with Ford Models

Alec took part in advertising campaigns Shiatzy Chen, John Galliano, Chanel, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Jasper Conran, Ermanno Scervino, Christian Lacroix, starred for many fashion gloss has appeared in music videos Tina Turner GoldenEye and Janet Jackson Got 'Til It's Gone. Alec won the title "Model of the Year" by MTV in 1997

Alek Wek now rarely goes to the podium, but her star is not quenched. She released a collection name handbags, appeared in the talk show "Top Model American," wrote an autobiographical book

Alek Wek and John Galliano by Annie Leibovitz


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