What worked a celebrity before his career

Many of today's celebrity before a taste of fame, went pretty hard career path and managed to replace more than one job. Such as Mick Jagger worked as a loader in a psychiatric hospital and managed to deprive it of virginity one of medsestrichek. Under the cut, I invite you to see who worked celebrity before his stellar career.

Jay-Z (Jay-Z) was a drug dealer.
He was selling crack and acknowledges that it has helped him to become a good businessman. As he explained: "I know all about the budget. I was a drug dealer. In order to work in drug trafficking, it is necessary to know what you can spend, and when you have bought all new product ».

Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) played a sperm on roller skates for sex education programs BBC. Yes it's true. The program was called "deeds of the body» (Body Matters).

Patrick Dempsey (Patrick Dempsey) was the champion in juggling. He took second place in the International competition jugglers and Junior Division in 1982 and 1983.

Channing Tatum (Channing Tatum) was a stripper. Of course. Yes, he not only played the role of an exotic dancer in "Magic Mike» (Magic Mike). He worked for them. When he was 19, he was over the whole eight months working at a strip club.

Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg) engaged makeup of corpses in the morgue. Prior to that, she put the bricks.

Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman) was a physical education teacher at the school Appinghem (Uppingham School). Jackman also worked as a clown at parties, give 50 dollars per performance.

Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) sold pens by phone.

Michelle Keegan (Michelle Keegan) worked front desk agent at Manchester Airport.

Kanye West (Kanye West) worked as a consultant, a shop Gap. Perhaps it will serve people with a broad smile.

Matthew Morrison (Matthew Morrison) also worked at Gap.

Rachel McAdams (Rachel McAdams) has worked at McDonald's for three years. She said that she was "not a very good employee" and broke the unit for orange juice.

Jennifer Hudson (Jennifer Hudson) worked at Burger King.

Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) held only two weeks in telemarketing.

Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren) worked promoter in an amusement park in Cautend-on-Sea (Southend on Sea).

Jon Hamm (Jon Hamm) worked as a decorator for pornographic films. Despite this, he hastened to clarify that the pornography was extremely "soft" and he actually "moved the furniture next to naked people." Excellent.

Amy Adams (Amy Adams) worked at Hooters.

Jon Bon Jovi (Jon Bon Jovi) worked manufacturer of Christmas ornaments. Yes, there is such a profession.

Matt LeBlanc (Matt LeBlanc) was a carpenter.

Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford) was also a carpenter.

Demi Moore (Demi Moore) worked as an agent for the collection of debts.

Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey) was a janitor in a factory.

Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) has been a lifesaver in the Youth Christian Association (YMCA).

Despite the fact that now Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) is a follower of Scientology, he attended a Franciscan seminary and was going to become a priest.

Lucy Liu (Lucy Liu) was aerobics instructor.

Gerard Butler (Gerard Butler) graduated in law at the University of Glasgow, but after he was fired from the first operation, he was no longer working as a lawyer.

Agyness Deyn (Agyness Deyn) worked in a diner "Fish and chips».

Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) wanted to be the head of the funeral service.

Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes) was selling hotdogs on sticks at the mall.

Evangeline Lilly (Evangeline Lilly) was a flight attendant.

Sheryl Crow (Sheryl Crow) was a primary school teacher. And also, she wrote songs for Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), Tina Turner (Tina Turner) and Celine Dion (Celine Dion). In addition, she was on vocals, Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson)

Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne) was working in a slaughterhouse. What is very funny.

George Clooney (George Clooney) was an insurance salesman hawking.

Cheryl Cole (Cheryl Cole) worked as a waitress before her audition for Popzvёzd: Competitors (Popstars: The Rivals).

Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell) began his career as a postman in the record company EMI, where to begin their journey to the summit.

Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) worked as a massage therapist, a physical therapist. She dropped out of school at age 17 to work and help his mother financially after at that found breast cancer.

Danny DeVito (Danny De Vito) was a hairdresser.

Finally, Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer in the circus.



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