Who is this child?! As legendary rock musicians looked in the beginning

Some legends began their amazing career, almost from the cradle! And of course, years of hard labor was an important condition for the success and international recognition. The website invites the reader to see, looked like the legendary rockers early in his illustrious career. Their faces burning with enthusiasm and determination to conquer the world, and they got it!

Guns N’ Roses, 1988

Photo source: Vintag.esNirvana, 1987

Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1984

Metallica, 1983

Depeche Mode 1981

The band U2, 1979

AC/DC 1978

The Police, 1977

The Ramones, 1977

Sex Pistols, 1977

Aerosmith, 1973

Black Sabbath, 1970

Queen, 1970

Pink Floyd, 1968

The Rolling Stones, 1962

The Beatles, 1957

Led Zeppelin, 1968

The Doors, 1965

Deep Purple, 1968

Van Halen, 1972

KISS, new York, 1976

via www.vintag.es/2016/12/21-interesting-vintage-photos-of-famous.html


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