A woman who CAN afford not to worry

Many people in their families or in the families of other people see this process. When a woman begins to realize its potential, its talent, is growing in her spiritual strength and self-confidence, the man, with whom she is partnered, be some obstacles: difficulties in business, or illness, or inertia and lack of interest...

And instead of the cheerful partner of forward motion this leads to the fact that the man is angry or falls into apathy. With the consolidation of samorealizatsii women the importance of men in the family decreases, and the man is in a worse financial position than he was before. In the end, despite the success of women, family income remained at the same level.

In this situation a conflict. Can the forehead to interpret it as "should a woman know her place and not stick out", but I'm sure that the path of rejection of his new powers, transforming reality is not that way. Let's try to understand what it is.

Will start from afar. In the family model that characterized the earlier, the man was considered the breadwinner and provided for the family, and the woman was deemed responsible for the home. All previous historical development was built on the principle of "survival of the fittest" and was based on the power of the solar plexus.

Strength which enabled you to win, overcome and prevail. Were historical moments (post-war period or the period of perestroika), when women had to take the initiative and survive, allowing himself the burden of the family. But during these periods, women still acted like men, developing the strength of the solar plexus, otherwise it will not survive.

Approximately the 80-90-ies of the last century the situation began to change in principle. A wave of spiritual awakening. And all the spiritual sites, the lion's share were women, i.e. women are much more sought ways to harmonize your life, a fundamentally new orientation, they sought to improve. It happened not because women had nothing to do, and not because they are better than men.

It happened because it was the era of the awakening of the mother of the World, the era of restoring the balance of the masculine and feminine in the world. Given the fact that any success was based on the fight and, therefore, successful woman was forced to "work man", it is the women jumped at the chance to succeed, refusing "male", external, achieving goals, turning to the essence of life is creation itself, from inside.

We live in a time when the feminine energy should permeate all manifestations of life on the planet. It doesn't capture the space, not gaining anything, it grows as a green grass.

Feminine energy is not the energy of the focus and energy of procreation. This is the energy that pushes the forehead of the controversy, and finds the harmony between them. Don't compromise, when one inferior and the other is suffering or attack, and it harmony.

Feminine energy knows that all different from each other can coexist peacefully and well with each other. Only based on this principle, it is now possible to solve ethnic and political conflicts, and environmental problems. Ie we have entered an era when "female" type of creation is in accord with the world historical development.

I want to clarify that "feminine energy" does not mean born of a biological woman, it means the energy of the Feminine Universe, which contains in every atom of matter, every physical body of the cosmos, in every soul – both men and women. But in a woman it is easier manifested. (I say easier, not better. All souls are equal in potential.)

And all would be well, but often the search for this female creative approach to the reality women are men's way: I want an effort to "fix and improve" their men, encouraging them to take initiative and so on.

And the reason why this occurs lies precisely in the fact that in our current life mixed two different models of prosperity. The first model is still associated with the solar plexus and the will, plans and achievements, purpose and effort, and the second model cardiac view, perhaps, absurd to the mind, but really effective.

This prosperity at the expense of a memory about the illusory nature of role-playing games society, about universal interconnection of all of us at a deep level, and this deep level through the confidence of the current process (ease, humor, beauty, mirrored in the practice of the Decorator, for example, can easily reach the goal where no amount of effort will help)

However, it turns out this situation: if a woman begins to realize a new energy, she was unable at one point to "forget" the old ways, it seeks to correct and educate her man, leading to conflict.

The woman understood that the old ways of business do not give the results that were given. And to be retrained, more flexible to face reality and apply it in their life all this "crap" about "positive thinking" a man is not ready. He deems it "women's stuff" and still believes that dreams come true only thanks to the effort: make an effort, get the result, and the way that he chose.

And men need a lot of examples from his own life, to be sure – does not work already the former mechanism will have to learn to act differently. But during all this time the man next to You turns out to be really unsuccessful.

Which States are developing in a man in this situation? He feels uncomfortable, makes high claims for his wife, to the environment ("it is impossible to run a business" and "officials horrible", "unreliable partners", "in this field nothing is impossible to earn"), manifest aggression and apathy. In the end the man starts to bury our heads in the sand, loses faith in himself and interest in life, and when man is dissatisfied with himself, he gets angry, first of all, those around him. The woman is, of course, annoying. We are often disappointed in the fact that our close people so manifests itself, that pushes us, there is a very strong emotional fatigue.

And so begins what I call "amendments to the contract." Before the woman gets a choice: either she plays the typical role of the past, or thanks life for the ass-kicking and trying to understand – what is now her lesson?..

The role from the past: leave it all to itself, and to suppress my growing distaste for the man is "weak", forgetting all the good that was.

In the new life the question is: why am I, a woman and a man, do not trust Life? Why run in the path of apparent well-being of our couples through the man? Maybe I knowingly before he embarked on the path of conscious living? May be this is a contract – to SHOW the example of a happy self-sufficiency a REALITY of the new forces that govern life?..

The fact that the claim to the partner blocks not only the success of men, it blocks your own success women. Not only visible, but also essential harmony inside is broken, and a new way of creation of reality becomes impossible. We can say that our dear partners, once in trouble, unwittingly harden us in discovering new qualities of resolving any problematic situations, namely, trust of life, of taking responsibility for themselves personally and appreciation of everything!

Its cadets in such cases, I ask the question: if You had one (with or without children)? Because you would still have to volshebnikah, smile to the world and to create new possibilities in your reality through love for him, so why are You holding yourself back? Why do You poison yourself with discontent, expecting or demanding that a son or husband was "as necessary", why not leave them alone and not focus on their own creation? An interesting example of addressing this issue in relation to an adult son can be heard.

I recently read about a woman who enthusiastically cultivates potted plants and knits all sorts of interesting things, selling them via the Internet. And in fact earns three times more than men. If none of the environment did not even realize that the family is traveling and building a house mostly on her money. She is nothing to prove.

The point is that she does it for herself. She kicks creates what she likes, and the universe gives back as much to compensate for the lack that the man could not repay, relying on old approaches: efforts and struggle in the matrix. And start doing what you love and get out of impossible until it is complete honesty with yourself. Where a claim to others – there's honesty there. Take care of your mood, learn to live in harmony, and You will see inside of themselves – whether amendments to your partnership contract, or time to complete it.

Once You begin to experience a feeling of anxiety for the family and strain yourself, You go against the flow of life and definitely will experience the necessity to address men, and it paralyzes him.

The sincere acceptance and non-judgment to the nearby men (for many it is the sons, not the husbands) is not because a woman gives them his power, but rather because she has spiritual strength so that she can afford not to worry. She expects to receive their wealth using a man around, she has a normal connection to the Universe, she is sure – all you need, she will. And therefore can afford to believe in people without expectations.

It's the same game like in this life, something to achieve. In fact, everything in this life according to their heart receive the Deposit – the Deposit of joy. And You know that everything You need happens in life because You are in harmony, in integrity and bless this life.

It is enough to realize You're not the one – horse dray, don't You assume the care of the family... And in any case it is not necessary to expand the business to compensate for the loss of her husband! You just live in the best of their ability, so far as You are comfortable. But you know – Your partner needs time to adjust, and You simply have to trust his election, not sub-genres straws through their commitments (not to be confused with the hot lunch or the cost of repair of the apartment in which live two, and credit in the name of the spouse to repay the debt of her husband).

If You believe in it, I can guarantee You that he for some time will start moving forward in their own way. But if You desperately await the day when he will rise from the couch, he with him and snaps. Because Your in-house program generates its capabilities. If You're in despise him, if You are disappointed inside You, without noticing it, destroy yourself and him. It is therefore very important to spare, not to mourn, not to spoil, but to live their interests, respecting any initiative to see and appreciate its advantages.

And yet it is very important to distinguish You support your man because playing the ritual game — "I'm good", "its on the battlefield do not quit", "I need a man or I'll be left alone," and sacrifice; or do You recognize: this unique person I need, I appreciate it and value our Union with him; now he is passing his lessons and the best I can do is take care of your resource. Because the patient recovers near healthy, and not Vice versa.


LAW, not chance — your thoughts are real!THE only have to CHOOSE!

Let's support our men, worthy men, and help them to make this transition to the world of creation. It does not need to explain anything to them, no need to inspire words, do not need to show how to do... just want to generate a good mood in their own ordinary day (which is devoted to all the materials of my courses) and to believe in him whom You have chosen as their companions.published


Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya


Source: obretenie-sily-lubvi.ru/otnosheniya/popravki-k-kontraktu-ili-uspeshnost.html


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