These techniques activate lymph exchange across the body

Present a lesson from the doctor of osteopathy, practice of Alexander Smirnov. In it he explains and demonstrates several techniques palpation, teaches perception of her body with our fingers.


Why do we need to relax the muscles?

  • First- this will reduce the pain and spasm.
  • Secondly, if the cause of pain in the muscle is compensation for changes in some body, if this muscle to stretch is immediately reflected on the state of the patient's body.

With the defeat of some internal organ, the body reacts in this way to protect him, so strained some sort of muscle associated with that body. When we stretch this muscle — reflex, the body corrects the violation, and on recovering.

In osteopathy there is a rule: the tension, the tension and rotation (turn).

Each muscle we can go, squeeze, stretch, rotate, and some time to just hold in this position.

Apply another psycho — imagine this muscle liquid, and at some point it will float at your fingertips as butter.

Let's do this technique at chest level, at the level of the diaphragm and at the level of the waist.

Thorax very often adsorbs defeat internal organs, the heart and lungs. There are also large vessels and the pericardium, these areas are often tense during strong emotional experiences and stress.

The impact on the ribcage allows us to release your emotions. Even a simple stretching of the muscles in the area ribcage facilitates breathing problems and emotional stress.

Just position your fingers on two sides of the sternum and pull the muscle and then curl it in any direction and hold. Waiting, waiting, represented tissue fluid, at some point, the tissue will float. If in the chest you have had sore spots — they are after the procedure disappear. If not disappeared, repeat the technique, sometimes you have to do it several times.

This technique affects Your back, because the body realizes that it is necessary to change, change for the better.

The diaphragm is a very important organ for the entire body, the biggest muscle in our body.

To capture the diaphragm under the ribs and just stretch and breathe, by breathing more relax the diaphragm. Tissue melted, the diaphragm is relaxed, it became easier to breathe.

If You have something hurts, find the seal and start to relax this zone, move up, down, sideways.

Grab the zone and starting to slip.

Roaming right and left — remember, comfortable position, then up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise. 3 find a comfortable position to be moved into a comfortable position, do 3 times. Then test — how much lighter the problem.

It is important to work with sacrum and pelvis, before beginning to work with the lower back.

Sometimes, pain in the sacrum are the cause of headaches.

First, we can work through the urogenital diaphragm. This intimate area is of great importance in the maintenance of intestine, uterus, prostate, bladder, in the management of our deep muscles.

We have the point between the vagina (the root of the penis) and the anus, there are 2 areas in the muscles between your legs. If you study these zones, improves the blood flow in the pelvic region, begin to decrease swelling and pain in the sacrum and lower back. Worked: to put pressure on the area and find a comfortable position, shifting point left and right, up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise. Remember those comfortable position, align, and wait until we feel relief and relaxation.

You can then stretch the halves of the urogenital diaphragm, to twist, to gain limit parameters and observe the melting of the tissues.

Go to manipulation on the muscles of the pelvis.

Gluteal muscle. Below them are the deep muscles, to which it is difficult to reach, there is a huge number of ligaments and connective tissue. This technique is effective and if the damage to the tailbone.

Tie buttocks twisted and the observed melting of the tissues. To run multiple times. When the buttocks will melt away, twisting can be done each time in different directions.

After we stretched the buttocks — begin to stretching of the sacrum.

It is better to do without clothes.

Also, grab the rump, stretched, folded and waiting for relaxation (melting fabrics).

Or gain as comfort: the sliding left and right, up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise. Wait for the relaxation of the tissues from the area of comfort.

Then carry out the manipulation on the lower back.

Take intense zone, stretched, twisted and waiting, waiting for the relaxation of the tissues.

After consideration of all the areas on the rump, do the following:

  • one hand remains on the waist, the other on the sacrum and stretch the fabric very carefully force 10 times less than muscles.

These techniques British osteopaths used during epidemics of influenza, accompanied by swelling of the brain.

The flu disrupted the permeability of blood vessels if the brain fluid only arrives, but no outflow, there is swelling of the brain, which can lead to death.

Osteopaths have saved many patients themselves and their household by performing a very simple technique:

  • take the hand, set it on the lateral surface of the neck (if the right-hand lateral surface of the neck — left), the highly compressible neck. Hold the neck with your hand, turn head in opposite direction (i.e., in our case, turn the head to the left, toward the hand).

Do this three times.

Then repeat with the other hand and in the other direction.

Feel the clarity in my head.

These techniques will bring back the beauty of your body will take swelling from the neck, reduce swelling in the abdomen, lower back, pelvis, generally activate the lymphatic exchange throughout the body.

First, we sypathise.

We have for lymphatic drainage 2 main zones are left and right clavicular region.

In the left clavicular area drains lymph from the left arm, the left half of the chest, abdomen, pelvis and legs, and also from the left half of the head — i.e. almost the entire body.

In the right clavicular region , from the right hand, chest, and right half of the head.

Both areas are of great importance.

If you feel these areas can reveal strong tension, soreness of muscles, but not muscle — You can feel where the density. This density, even some balls — it's all around the fibrin of the lymph nodes. It's all zones of stagnation of the lymph, and there was formed fibrosis.

If you pinch yourself in this place — you will get severe pain, or skin will not be captured in a pinch.

In the future, the doctor recommends pinching the whole body. Tweaks affect not only the drainage, but pokoju, freeing it from the fascial restrictions that cause the activation of the flow of lymph.

So what we do is grab the skin with both hands in a pinch, stretched it, twisted between his fingers.

It hurts, especially if You have a problem. If very painful — do it slowly.

Sometimes the patient there is sweat or redness, but then it all goes away.

Considering first the left clavicular area, sternum, lymph nodes in the axillary region of the left arm (here work carefully, if not sure — better not).

Then working on the clavicular region and the area of the armpit on the right.

Then go to the diaphragm.

Over time You will notice that performing a massage that left puffiness with the neck, reduced double chin, swelling of the face, under the eyes decreased.

If you do a similar massage to the pelvis, you will notice that go swelling of the legs, pelvis, abdomen, decreased back pain. Go through the areas of the belly and groin.

You can also work in a similar way the side and back of the neck.

After this massage, many toxins go into the blood and later goes into the portal vein, and then blood will be cleansed naturally through the kidneys.

What else can you do?

This technique has no limitations.

Presented that the body under the arms is a rubber cushion filled with liquid.

Compressible and feel (present) that, under our hands the pillow is squeezed, and the liquid goes in the right direction.

Then the hands and feel expanding (present), as in the cushion of surrounding tissue accumulates fluid.

Filled the pillow and again repeat the cycle of movements.

You can work simultaneously with two hands.

After the region of the clavicle, we can also posimat the abdominal cavity, the pelvis.

Everything should be done slowly.

After the end of the surge it is necessary to make the liquid clean and jerk (see the video — how to do it).

Certainly all this have to do with the neck, as part of the fluid bypasses the lymph nodes and go through the cervical fascia in the head.

After working on all areas of the body, return to the neck, and hands direct the flow of fluid is already down.

The technique takes 10-15 minutes of time.published



The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.


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