What to watch tonight: the 16 films in 2016, which you will like

Winter evenings are the best time to bundle up in a warm blanket and watch a good movie. Today we offer you 16 great films of 2016, which you may not even heard of.

 Love and friendship (Love & Friendship)

Beautiful young widow lady Susan arrives at the family estate of her late husband to wait in high society will cease to gossip about her adventures. Don't waste time, she decides to find a rich husband for themselves and their young daughter. In the course are not only beautiful and charming, but sarcastic and sharp mind and incredible talent to weave.


Nine lives (Nine Lives)

The Brand billionaire workaholic chudinkoy. He with his head immersed in work and a little bit fell out of family life — even the gift of his daughter, he buys at the last moment. Rebecca dreams of a real cat, and how would That hate animals, he goes to the pet store, which selects the most luxurious cat named Mr. Fluffy Pants.


Obnoxious lady (Mother's Day)

Fitness and shopping, cranky parents and disobedient children, jealous girlfriends, and the annoying ex — cute the components of true happiness. And men, if you're a single dad. No matter where and how will bring you life, if you meet true love, never give up! Destiny is a large supermarket and do not shop on the couch.


The theory of the tiger (Teorie tygra)

60-year-old vet, Jan depressed. It feels unbearable fatigue life, especially after his father-in-law decides voluntarily to leave this world, I lost interest in him. Yang realizes that you need something urgently to change, otherwise it will suffer the same fate. So Ian picks himself up and goes on a journey to fulfill his most cherished dream.


Sing Street (Sing Street)

Nostalgic musical drama about growing up. When the economic crisis of the 1980s struck the family of Conor, he was transferred from a prestigious private school in the state. A teenager is faced with the rudeness and ignorance of the new environment and, additionally, falls in love with an unattainable beauty. Wanting to impress a girl, Conor collects a rock band.


Maigret arranges network (Maigret sets a trap)

Commissioner Maigret gets very complicated case of murder of several young women. To avoid new victims, the Commissioner prepares the most risky traps, including the "catfishing".


The big friendly giant (The BFG)

In the center of the story is a girl named Sophie, who was unable to sleep until midnight, and in the window saw the giant who came to the neighboring houses and started blowing into the bedroom window. In full accordance with ancient beliefs and children's horror stories the giant saw Sophie and carried to his home in the land of giants.


Fear of depths (47 Meters Down)

In the center of the plot — sisters Kate and Lisa while on vacation in Mexico. In search of thrills Kate convinces her sister to go down under water in a cage and see great whites. Cage is cut off, and girls are at a depth of 47 meters with a supply of oxygen for less than an hour and two hours away from the beach, surrounded by the most dangerous marine predators.


Light in the ocean (The Light Between Oceans)

The couple named Tom and Isabel live on a remote island, to the shore which once the boat baby girl. The couple decide to raise the baby as his own daughter, not knowing how devastating the consequences of this choice.


We need to talk (Tenemos que hablar)

From Nuria's all fine, great job, the house, the guy she was marrying. But there is a small problem: she's still not divorced with her husband Jorge, who still feels guilty for what he ruined the parents Nuria multiple failed investment.


Artificial intelligence. Access unlimited (I. T.)

Whole life Mike Regan and his family built on the latest achievements of artificial intelligence and high technology. When Mike tries to stop coming too far the relationship of IT-specialist ed with his young daughter, life is Regan and his family is threatened.


At any price (Hell or High Water)

Two brothers-loser decide to visit the store two or three banks who shamelessly Rob their debtors. Investigation of daring robberies with rough handwriting will crown the career of Sheriff Marcus. But where will this simple thing?


Miracle on the Hudson (Sully)

The incident on 15 January 2009 will be called "miracle on the Hudson". On that day, the captain of flight 1549 Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing A320 on the cold water of the Hudson river in new York. While none of those on Board were not injured. But despite this, an investigation was launched which threatened the reputation and career of captain Sully.


Mr. Church (Mr. Church)

Dying head of the family, leaving his wife and daughter "parting gift" — Mr. Church, cook, "which can cook everything you know, and even what you don't know." But Henry Joseph Church is not only a cook but also a family member. About this movie: at first, about the difficult relationships, about loss, support and exceptional friendship.


Confirmation (The Confirmation)

Eight year old Anthony is forced to spend the weekend with his father-an alcoholic whom his mother is divorced. For both, it is a difficult test, leaving a trail of accidents. Overcoming difficulties together, they realize how strong the connection between them.


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 To the devil horns (Quo vado?)

15 years faithfully served his people Kekko — from morning to night pants sit in the Management of hunting and fishing. Position, salary, lots of bonuses — not life, but a fairy tale. But trouble came from not waiting for: the Ministry has decided to reduce staff by offering officials a good severance. But those who balked, welcome to the trip "to the devil horns".published


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