Control uric acid levels! Effective methods of treatment.

Worried about joint pain? Or have you noticed that the finger joints are inflamed? So your body is sounding the alarm and indicates that, most likely, you have an increased level of uric acid.

In this case, in addition to the binding recommendations of the doctor, you should pay attention to your diet. Today edition "Website" will tell you about useful products that will help to reduce the level of uric acid in the body.

How to reduce uric acid levels
  1. Artichoke
    The fact that the artichoke has diuretic properties, which helps to quickly cleanse the body of toxins. This vegetable contains a large amount of minerals and antioxidants. That artichoke does not lose its beneficial properties, you must prepare it properly: cook a vegetable within 20-45 minutes in a deep saucepan with the lid open.

    If the petals are easily separated from the core of the vegetable, it means it is ready for use. The most delicious and healthiest part is the artichoke hearts. Often it is served in restaurants.

  2. Bow
    Onion too is a great ally in the fight for health. Long-term use of this vegetable can reduce the level of uric acid in the body. For this you need to take two medium onions, peel them from the husk, and then cut each in half. Next is to cook the onions in 1.5 liters of water until, until they become soft. The resulting broth should be poured into a bottle and add the juice of half a lemon. To drink this drink needs throughout the day.

  3. Pumpkin
    If you like this product, you were in luck! After all, the pumpkin, as the artichoke has diuretic properties and promotes the excretion of uric acid. Pumpkin helps to get rid of toxins and other harmful substances that accumulate in the body, so be sure to include this product in your diet.

  4. Celery
    This vegetable helps to normalize natural ph balance of the blood, which helps rid the body of uric acid. Celery can be consumed as raw, and ready: for this you need to boil the vegetable.

  5. Carrots
    This root vegetable, like celery, promotes formation of alkaline environment, that definitely helps in cleansing the body from the purines and uric acid crystals. Should not be lazy and to cook in the morning carrot juice.


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