Anti-cancer foods: TOP 6

Anticancer foods — not those super-expensive exotic foods, to afford which can only be elected. In fact, the products with marvelous anti-cancer properties rest on the shelves, and we know them pretty well.

Consumption of plant foods is the easiest way to lower the risk of cancer. Most of the research on cancer shows that contained in plant foods have phytonutrients along with other particular substances that reduce cancer risk.

According to Richard Beliveau, Ph. D. Department of prevention and treatment of cancer at the University of Quebec at Montreal and author of "Food for cancer", it is best for cancer prevention the consumption of the following fruits and vegetables: broccoli, tomatoes, berries, garlic, beans and walnuts.


In the composition of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower, there is a huge variety of compounds to fight cancer. However, broccoli is what sets the fact that it is the only vegetable, having in its composition a significant amount of sulforaphane.

Such a substance as sulforaphane raises the levels of protective enzymes in the human body and helps to remove carcinogenic chemicals from the body. Based on research conducted at the University of Michigan scientists concluded that the sulforaphane can prevent cancer growth-tumors stem cells.

Broccoli is an excellent product for the prevention of skin cancer, liver cancer, prostate, lung, stomach, breast, bladder. Studies confirm that the positive effect of the use of broccoli is increasing in direct proportion to the amount present in the diet.


Tomatoes are the best dietary source of this carotenoid as lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red color. The results of the study lycopene stops endometrial cancer annually takes the lives of 8 thousand women.

In addition to endometrial cancer, tomato is useful in the fight against lung cancer, stomach and prostate.

In the cooking process, the concentration of lycopene in tomatoes increases, so cooked tomatoes are better.


All berries are effective in fighting cancer because they contain phytonutrients. However, according to a study by Gary Stoner, Ph. D. and Professor of internal medicine medical University of Ohio, a very high amount of phytochemical substances called anthocyanins, contains black raspberry. Anthocyanins inhibit the growth of precancerous cells and prevent the formation needed to supply the tumor of new blood vessels.

Black raspberry is effective against cancer of the esophagus, colon, oral cavity and skin.

Optimally — take half a Cup of berries a day.


In the composition of garlic were discovered ferocity that can stop the formation of nitrosamines — carcinogens that are formed in the stomach (and under certain conditions in the gut) by eating large amounts of nitrates and preservatives. The results of the Iowa women's health research showed that women, whose diet includes a lot of garlic, the risk of certain types of colon cancer below 50 percent than in those women whose diet garlic was not included.

Helps in the fight against breast cancer, esophageal, colon and stomach.

It is recommended to add garlic to food in the form of crushed (pounding helps release beneficial enzymes), and in the process of boiling, sprinkle tomato sauce.


A study by the University of Michigan showed a significant reduction in the incidence of cancer of the colon when feeding rats black beans. Legumes rich diet increases the level of fatty acid butyrate that provide high levels of protective effect against cancer. Another study showed that dried beans particularly effective in preventing breast cancer in rats.

Prevents breast cancer and colon cancer.

Add in your daily diet to greens and other vegetables, half a Cup of beans.


Doctor of philosophy and Professor of medicine at the University in Huntington West Virginia Elaine Hardman claims that contained in walnuts blocks the cholesterol in breast cancer cells the estrogen receptor, inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors.


This easy energy exercise will remove the blocks and clamps in the body ofa Quiet revolution in Oncology

Prevents breast cancer and prostate cancer.

At least a few walnuts a day are able to achieve an antitumor effect.published




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