Magic dragon — exercise removes stagnation and cleanse the whole body

If translated literally from Chinese, it is about the Spirit dragon Shen lung. Shen is translated as "spirit" or "soul" depending on the level. In combination with the character "Loong" — "dragon" — the name means "magic", "wonderful", "from another world, but real".

First of all, you have to imagine myself as a dragon. Usually the listeners the question arises, what dragon himself to imagine Chinese or Slavic, or maybe something else? After all, the Chinese dragon one head, erevanskogo three.

You have to imagine yourself a Chinese dragon because the Chinese dragon lives in the water — at sea, in the ocean, and the Slavic dragon lives in the mountains or in the woods. We in this exercise, imagine that stir the sea. Here we want to obtain information from the dragon. The dragon is very powerful body. We want to use the energy of water and information of the dragon to strengthen the kidneys, improving the condition of the lumbar spine in particular and body in General.

So imagine yourself being a dragon (Chinese) in the sea. Surrounded by water and you are in its depth, its thickness.

1. Put your feet at shoulder width or slightly wider.

2. Put your hands on the kidneys with the thumbs forward.

3. Rotate the body first to the left, counter-clockwise 8 times.

4. Then rotate the body 8 times to the right, clockwise. When the torso leans forward, the back remains straight, back — back bend. Feet not lifted from the floor. During the movement to imagine that the body moves in the water, feel the resistance of water, its movement from your rotation. You should rotate so as to move the hip joints, lower back and sacrum.

5. After rotation, vigorously shake the body (from the feet to the top), like a dragon, pushing with the tail, jumps out of the depths of the sea and soars up into the element of air. To do this, lift the body, put on socks, then abruptly throw it on the heel. Upon impact, the heels of you, even as it is repelled by the hand-paws.

Body while doing a movement, as if someone suddenly grabbed from behind, and you shake sharply to break free.

When you shake the body, you relax your internal organs. Enough to shake things up twice — once in one direction, another in another.

But you can shake things up and a greater number of times and in the same direction, as desired. This shaking helps to release tension inside the body and muscle spasms and channels, and it strengthens the legs and back.

The meaning of this exercise

The first notional level. On the physical level this exercise is intended to improve the function of the lumbosacral spine and knee joints. During the rotation works primarily lumbar-cross-cavy division, but the knees take part in the work, as also rotate.

In the lumbar region is trudnootdelema point Minmag. So in this area often collects bad qi, and this, in turn, worsens circulation, have stagnation, followed by discomfort, pain. They can cause cancer. Practice this exercise contributes to the normal functioning of the above mentioned areas.

The second notional level. When we are presenting ourselves as a dragon and imagine what is inside the sea, then again work with the energy of the water. In this area is the kidneys. From the point of view of the concept of Wu-Hsing, the kidneys belong to the Water element. This means that the qi and water qi of the kidney is the same.

When we put the hands on the kidney area, then our attention switches to this area. If you will be able not only to imagine but also to feel in the water, which swirls and rages, feel water resistance when you spin, the kidney will be washed qi of water.

It will pass through the body through your kidneys cleaning them and removing the negative and stagnant qi. And this, in turn, enhances the water energy of the kidneys. In the amplification of the kidneys strengthens the bone tissue. Therefore, this exercise helps to strengthen our skeletal system. But in traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys are not realize just a separate organ, and organ system — the entire urogenital area. And this exercise helps to improve the function of the whole system.


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Even with shaking of the body energy rises from the feet up, as this relaxes the internal organs, this energy helps to remove congestion, as if cleansing the whole body. If you correctly perform this exercise, you will soon start to feel the heat, the hot flow in the legs and lower back.published




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