If you think or speak ill of somebody...

When you think about a person, between you and him is formed of the energy-channel. If you think or speak ill of somebody, you create a vibration of negativity which on a subconscious level can harm that person, and only for itself, so just launch the program of self-destruction, self-destruction.

The Bible teaches: "judge Not, that ye be not judged; for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you".

Backbiting and zamysla are in a bundle with conviction. Everyone can have their opinion and judgment about a person. It is his right. But the man has a right to be as he is.

Condemnation is derived from pride, selfishness. Condemnation is always directed from the top down, i.e. you have put yourself above the other. By what right? You want to become better? The intention is good, but the way of expression – no. The higher you will rise in your ego, the harder they will fall. Especially if you are a man of moral, conscientious. You act contrary to your spiritual program, destroy it, and the shards hurt the soul. How is it to live? Now to condemn yourself? Here it is – the boomerang effect.

Some people condemn drug addicts and criminals, while others – homosexuals, and others – entire peoples and States. In the former Soviet Union we were taught to condemn the "decadent capitalism" — and where we are now, with its economy?!

Any idea works for us. Only positive – inspires, a negative de-energizes. Conviction on a subconscious level, there is slowly, but surely, creating incurable diseases – cancer, alcoholism, drug addiction.

Stop condemning people leading unrighteous lives: first, you don't know the root causes of their behavior, and secondly, for this purpose there are appropriate authorities in the state.

The division of people into good and bad only happens in our submission:


And so — to infinity.

If you do this, else this else – someone's mind, someone's beauty or kindness. Use it to benefit others and yourself.

We come into this world, which is built according to the laws of the Universe. Each has its purpose. Condemning the role performed by others, not the same person, we oppose sadomov Universe. For it and get a failure, defeat, disease as a way to block posed by the us destruction program.

Don't try to change the world. Work better on their own: their thoughts and feelings. Understand that the universe is harmonious and fair. Justice and harmony in your soul, if you show aggression in the form of condemnation, criticism. Deal with the real causes: what really matters in your world, what is stopping you from enjoying your own life.

For example, the three childhood friends in their adult life are faced with the same problem – poverty. One cut their costs, have restricted their needs, harbored anger at everyone and everything and cultivates self-pity and resentment at the unfairness of life. Another also cut costs, but needs satisfied by self-service (sewing fashionable clothing, making furniture, renovation) and mutual aid ("cleanup" when building a house, planting and harvesting, preparation home preservation); positive emotions from the communication with nature, new friends. A third failed test and found joy in a drugged dope. Each had made his choice, he created his own world. Anyone on that has enough strength and imagination. Each carries his cross, and serves as an example to others for some positive, others negative. We all learn from mistakes, friends and foes.

A person can be an unreliable business partner and at the same time great coach in my process of self-improvement:

his disorganization develops my attention to detail;

his unreliability stimulates my insistence;

his dishonesty is tightening my control;

— his betrayal is teaching me to better understand people.


I'll forgive him everything, but definitely forgiven. Forgive for what has helped me become self-sufficient, strengthened my inner security. And goodbye, because common sense and the instinct of self-preservation do not allow an infinitely long time to warm to his chest the snake. Under such partners, any competitor not terrible!

But he will not. For it is said: "to Me vengeance, I will repay". And people say: "God will judge". And we now know it to be so: creating its activity field with the vibrations of unreliability and deceit, a man attracts the kind of crooks and swindlers. Someone who "throw" — that is not our story. For a new and credulous, and may also become a coach, maybe... Who knows? God works in mysterious ways. The universe is fair and balanced.published


Author: Mila Alexandrov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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