Nikola One: the world's first hydrogen-powered truck from USA

American company SV Motor Company introduced the world's first truck on hydrogen fuel cells. This is only a working concept, mass production will commence in 2020. According to the manufacturers, Nikola One is designed primarily for long-distance transportation of various goods with trailers of different types.

Among other details about the new truck, the developers indicated that it is equipped with a battery of 320 kWh, which is charged from the fuel cell. But not even that interesting, and the fact that the total power of the two motors of the truck is 1000 HP, torque 2700 Nm.

It is enough that fully loaded truck can accelerate to 100 km/h in 30 seconds. Rise to 6% it can be resolved without the subtraction of the turn. To downhill everything went smoothly, the developers have added a regenerative braking system. The center of gravity of the truck is low, so that driving them will not be too difficult.

The cockpit of the authors of the project could not leave the usual — here are all futuristic, in the cockpit of many hi-tech elements. One of the advantages is the presence of circular monitoring system provides monitoring the traffic situation in the so-called dead zones. Compared to diesel counterparts, the interior space in the cabin is increased by 30%. The front panel hosts two large screens. One of them, which is located in front of the driver, displays the necessary technical information. On the second screen (it is rather a tablet) displays the GPS data plus images from the cameras. Here there is also access to the network. For drivers there are two beds, fridge, microwave, table and wardrobe.

Importantly, of course, it's not the cabinets, not tables. The developers claim that their project needs to solve at least some problems in the development of environmentally friendly transport, able to travel long distances. Now it is becoming an increasingly important issue, as from 2020, the year some countries propose to introduce a partial ban on the registration of vehicles with internal combustion engines. And if the cars is more or less clear, in the development of electric and hybrid cars are running a company, then a truck is not developing almost none.

The problem is that the net electric truck long-distance is difficult to realize the idea. The fact that a large number of batteries increases the weight of the car, and very significantly. And the range remains small. For example, an electric Urban truck eTruck company Mercedes-Benz can overcome without recharging up to 200 kilometers. Long distances without a developed system of gas stations the truck to move not. Therefore, we need a source of external energy.

Nikola One completely devoid of internal combustion engines, instead it uses hydrogen fuel cells to supply energy to the motor.

Thanks to its design, the truck can pass without recharging with hydrogen from 1.3 to 1.9 thousand kilometers. Can be controlled each wheel individually. The developers believe that it will significantly improve the maneuverability of the truck.

The mass of Nikola One will be from 8.2 to 9.5 tons depending on configuration. Unfortunately, the value of the vehicle not disclosed, but the company said that the trucks will be leased under the leasing scheme. Pre-order on the truck, too. However, in this case, it is required to make a prepayment in the amount of $1 thousand.

Nikola Motor Company is going to start to build up in the United States and Canada, the network of hydrogen filling stations. Beginning of works is planned for 2018. All of them are expected to create 364, they should be ready by 2019.

The specifications of the truck:
  • The electric drive 6*6;
  • Absence of harmful substances in the exhaust (mainly water and carbon dioxide);
  • The shipping cost for the same distance compared to diesel in two times less;
  • Torque 2700 Nm;
  • With a capacity of 1,000 horsepower;
  • The reserve 1931 kilometer;
  • Battery: 320 kWh;
  • Regenerative braking system with simultaneous charging;
  • Batteries charged on the go;
  • Capacity: 30 tons;
  • Braking distance with full load: 45 meters.
  • The consumption of hydrogen fuel: a 15.6-23.5 l/100 km;
  • Estimated price: $375 000

Presented the car was on December 1 in the USA, at a special event held in salt lake city. In this presentation, it was announced the imminent appearance of the younger brother of the truck, Nikola Two. Start of production is scheduled for 2020. The size of the first batch will be around 5,000 cars.



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