Electric tow tractor Nikola One available for pre-order

Stylish heavy-duty truck will travel 1930 kilometers on electricity and gas — totally silent except for the rustling of tires.

If you ever heard the noise of speeding trucks with heavy cargo, you will not soon forget that sound. He will remain in the memory as an artifact of the ancient era, when the noisy and dirty trucks trucks frightened by the roar of the engines, sucking at the pump hundreds of litres of expensive diesel fuel.

A month ago, the American company Nikola Motor unveiled the design of a truck tractor for road trains a new generation. Unique stylish look radically different from the clumsy diesel monsters.

Tractor Nikola One with a capacity of 2000 horsepower equipped with a set of 32 000 individual lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 320 kWh is three times more than the Tesla Model S P90D.

On a full battery charge with additional cylinder natural gas truck can drive 1200 miles (1931 km), is the stated range on a single charge.

Although Nikola One is not a "pure" electric car, but the technical characteristics inspire respect:

  • 6×6 100% electric drive
  • Absolutely silent operation
  • Many times a smaller exhaust than in diesel engines
  • Two times more cost-effective course in terms of cost per kilometre compared to diesel
  • Engine torque is 5000 nm
  • The 2000-horsepower
  • Range 1931 km
  • The battery is 320 kWh
  • Regenerative brakes charging the batteries during braking
  • No need for charging from the mains: the turbine charges the batteries automatically on the go
Full technical specifications of tractor (made Baryonyx)

Benefits of electric tractor is not just about saving money on fuel, but also in efficiency. The electric motors that develop a capacity of 2,000 horsepower, much more powerful diesel engines 500 HP. With increased power and torque this beast even with a full load of lorry is easier to overcome a steep climb and won't straining and choking like a diesel "grandpa".

On the rise 6% electric truck can reach speeds over 100 km/h, while the conventional truck — only 30-65 km, depending on power and load.

On a level road Nikola accelerates to One hundred kilometers per hour in 30 seconds, not the minute, like a diesel.

In the end, due to the ease of electric motors mounted on the wheels, the truck itself even with batteries weighs less than a conventional tractor equipped with a huge massive motor: 9525 kg vs 10430 kg.

However, for effective use of hybrid trucks of this type, you must deploy an extensive infrastructure of filling stations where the replacement of cylinders with natural gas. Infrastructure yet. But that hasn't stopped the company Nikola Motor from a month ago to open taking pre-orders for the new generation of tractor.

The offer is really tempting. Although the truck is much more expensive than conventional, but it pays for itself through significant savings on fuel. Car is for sale in lease price from $4,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on configuration. But most importantly, the cost of the lease included unlimited fuel and maintenance. The monthly lease payment pays for itself in just a couple of flights trucker.

Such a tempting offer bribed many, especially truckers is the most popular male profession in the USA (in a country of about 3.5 million truckers). Yesterday, the company Nikola Motor announced that for the first month of work received pre-orders for $2.3 billion! This amount includes pre-orders on truck and SUV (which is below).

If the developers will be able to realize their plans in life, One that Nikola will be the only electric truck in the market, which is capable of carrying trucks weighing up to 36 tons, while in many ways superior to conventional trucks. Founder and Executive Director Nikola Motor says that their technology is 10-15 years ahead of technology competition.


Honestly, the plans for Nikola Motor do seem fantastic. Looking at the stunningly beautiful renderings, not very hard to believe that the company will be able to mass-produce such cars in the coming years. However, the official presentation of the Nikola One scheduled for December 2, 2016. By this time it should be ready real prototype.


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