Electric buggy Nikola Zero was a step closer to reality

American startup Nikola Motor demonstrated a prototype all-wheel-drive buggy Nikola Zero, equipped with fully electric propulsion.

Young firm Nikola Motor is named in honor of Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) — inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering. He, in particular, known for his contribution to the creation of devices operating on alternating current, multiphase systems, synchronous generator, induction motor, etc.

Shows the prototype buggy has a capacity of 520 horsepower. Power is provided by a block of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 72 kW·h Torque, as already indicated, is transmitted to all wheels.

Nikola Zero can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately three seconds. Claimed power reserve reaches 320 km.

The roof of the buggy mounted solar panels, which allow to increase the reserve for about 15 km a day. In the salon armchairs with the developed lateral support, and two displays with a diagonal of 7 inches.

Sell Nikola Zero is planned for about 37,000 U.S. dollars. About the timing of the deliveries of production cars is not reported. published


Source: www.3dnews.ru/939611


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