Project Zero – a hybrid of airplane and helicopter

At first glance, planes and helicopters have nothing in common, in addition to the opportunities to climb into the sky. However, the company Agusta Westland has created an aircraft that combines the principles of both these devices. We are talking about a hybrid of airplane and helicopter with the name of Project Zero.

I must say that this was a hybrid aircraft, for example, the Volta Volare GT4 electric airplane with an internal combustion engine. But Project Zero is a hybrid of a different kind, because it combines different types of motors and various types of flying machines.

Project Zero is the world's first commercial electric model helicopter, equipped with tilt-rotor. This motor design allows the unit to hover over the land like a helicopter and fly forward on the principle of the aircraft.That is, Project Zero can make a vertical climb, after which, thanks to the two rotated 90 degrees rotary engines, start cruising movement in a horizontal plane.

This design allows Project Zero to be a versatile aircraft that doesn't need a runway, and whose speed greatly exceeds the speed of helicopters. There is the possibility of lifting the wings Project Zero to translate it only in the regime of the helicopter. It may be necessary in cases where the takeoff and landing wings are limited by small size of the site.

Other interesting innovations implemented in Project Zero, it is possible to separately mention the possibility during Parking the blades to rotate the motors of the aircraft into the wind to thus charge his batteries.

Agusta Westland expects that Project Zero will deserve a certain popularity among businessmen, stars of sport and show business, and politicians. After all, before these groups were forced to use huge planes and helicopters, very limited in locations for takeoff and landing. But for a small, nimble and multifunctional aircraft-helicopter similar barriers do not exist!

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