Stop to sit, crossing her legs! This posture is harmful to your health, and here's why

Many girls throw a leg over the other, when you sit down, and do it almost automatically. In this position we seem to be more elegant and sexier and it is often called "feminine". The website publishes important information about this simple and familiar to all traffic to help you avoid health problems in the future.

Though the woman in the photo above, for most people, looks quite attractive due to how she sits, still, everyone needs to know what happens to the body when a person takes the position of the long "legs":

  • A tendency to be in this position for hours can lead to such unpleasant disease as paralysis of the peroneal nerve, or simply paralysis. The same applies to when you are sitting in the same position for a long period of time. It turns out, the posture that causes similar health complications, — the usual crossing of the legs.
  • In 2010, numerous studies have proven thatlong sitting in the posture "foot to foot" causes an increase in blood pressure. Even if you have never had problems with pressure, refusal of the seat in this position will help you become healthier and avoid problems with blood circulation. The reason of high blood pressure lies in the fact that when you put one foot on the knee of the other leg, there is an additional load on blood vessels and blood flows to the heart in larger quantities, which in the end causes a pressure surge. Another possible explanation is that the pressure rises as the result of isometric contraction of the muscles of the legs (this happens when the joints do not move and the muscle does not change its length). That's why crossing legs at the ankles does not cause the same effect, as he flips one foot to the other.

  • This body posture can also lead to muscle problems of the pelvis. Prolonged exposure of the feet in perekrestno condition with a shorter time makes the muscles of the inner thighs and muscles of the external side — long, with the result that the joints are at risk of displacement.
  • The habit of putting legs crosswise increases the chances of earning varicose "veins" on the legs. Despite the fact that varicose veins in most cases is inherited, the frequent crossing of the legs can cause inflammation of the veins pinch. In blood vessels there are tiny valves that prevent blood flowing in the wrong direction. When the legs are crossed, the pressure in the veins increases, and it interferes with the normal blood flow, causing narrowing and loss of elasticity of walls of blood vessels. The result is blood clots and veins in the legs swell.
Finally, studies show that if you sit with crossed legs for more than 3 hours per day, develop stooped posture, pain in the lower back and the neck and a discomfort in the hips.



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