Sleep posture and character

It turns out that posture in which we normally sleep, can give us valuable information. In other words, posture rests man - is the story of the night the body of what character he is, how he lives and challenges faced in life. For example, for long-term observations of the sleeping pair psychologists have come to such conclusions. If during sleep woman turns in bed immediately after her husband, it means that she unconsciously obey him.

If there is a reverse pattern, ie wife turns to the opposite side, it is evidence of poor compatibility of couples, or a dominant position in the family belongs to a woman. There is a special classification of positions, most frequently encountered in the sleeping people. Consider the major ones.
Pose embryo
A man sleeps on his side, legs bent at the knees strongly and almost pulled up to his chin. This position gives a lot of interesting information about sleep. In real life, a man has not been able to open up to the end. He is not sure of himself, are stressed. He wants to be fenced off from the outside world. As a rule, such a person is looking for a strong patron, behind which you can safely hide from all your problems. He is a bit like a child because his actions are unpredictable and depend on the mood of a moment.

Pose hemi
This position is similar to the previous, but with the difference that the knees slightly pursed sleeping. People who sleep in this position, calm, balanced, and they can rely on throughout. They are not aggressive, always trying to find a reasonable solution to the dispute and can be easily adapted to any environment. But these people often do not have enough perseverance and determination to achieve some personal goals.

"Royal" pose
A man sleeps on his back, stretched their arms and legs. It has an inherent confidence. He - the leader in all things, because it is very judicious, intelligent and always ready to take an adequate solution in every situation. Such a man is always open to dialogue with others, it is very loved and appreciated in any group. He enjoys life in all its manifestations.
ૐ राधा कृष्ण Vedic world हरे कृष्ण ૐ
Prostrate posture on his stomach
People sleeping on the stomach, have their own unique features. They do not like no surprises in life, all prefer to regulate and govern. People are very punctual, but require the same from their environment. For them, every detail is important in any case, they are ready to go into detail, that there was no retreat from the plan.

Pose "mummy»
Man sleeping, covered with a head under a blanket. Usually such people in life trying to hide from it all. They are very shy, modest and unassuming, try to avoid conflicts. They prefer to "hide in the gap" and wait, when the storm passes.

Pose "house»
Sleep lying on his back with knees raised. This pose is reminiscent of the "royal", but raised his knees much change. Typically, in such men prefer to sleep posture. Externally, they are very friendly, welcoming, but it is only a facade. In fact, such people are very closed, not very talkative. They prefer to listen more and talk less. Sometimes with them is quite difficult to communicate, if it is necessary to discuss some serious problem. They prefer not to express their views directly, and get some advice from them is problematic.

Itself is sometimes difficult to determine what the predominant position we sleep at night. You can ask your loved ones to tell you about it.
Our body tells us when we are asleep. Unfortunately, no one refers to "these stories" seriously, but in vain.
Observe how your loved ones sleep, and try to match them pose in a dream with how they behave in real life.


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