Family and work and have a spiritual practice, with which more and more gracious as a result of ...

Once one person wrote to me: "I so want to devote more time to spiritual practice, but, you know, - his wife, work, children ...". He, apparently, has not yet realized that his family and work is a spiritual practice, with much harder and more gracious on the results than meditating on the snowy Himalayan peaks. I know whereof I speak, because behind me - and then, and more.
Weekdays life - the best spiritual school. As your reflection still more clearly designated in the mirror everyday life, you dig deeper you recognize and accept yourself for what you are. Studying on the laws of the consequences of their actions - acquire wisdom, much needed in the way of personal and spiritual growth.
Spiritual practice begins on earth, not in heaven.
This conjecture struck me one morning, a quarter of a century ago, when I was sitting quietly in meditation. Here was my three-year daughter Holly and tugged at his trouser leg, demanding attention. I hissed angrily: "Do not touch me, I meditate!". And then he realized that he had missed the main thing in the whole of spiritual practice: hug her own daughter at the time was more important than repeating the mantra over and over again.
When people ask abstract questions of time, space, or reincarnation, I always ask in return, they have the case with exercise, a healthy diet, sleep time and kindness towards other ...

Dan Millman


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