The husband reproached his wife that she does nothing at home. Coming home from work, he went numb

Most men think that if a woman stays home, she's not doing anything. Only clicks on the buttons on the washing machine, the dishwasher and the stove. But it is not so. The website offers the reader a hilarious story with an unexpected end, which clearly shows that the housewife is a busy woman in the world!

One night the man returned home from work, where he was met by complete chaos. His three children played in the pajamas among piles of garbage on the floor and around the house was scattered the contents of all lockers. Overturned lamp lay on the floor, a doormat lying at the other wall, a TV loudly in the living room cartoon voices, everywhere lay scattered clothing. The kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes, the Breakfast was spread out on the table, dog food spilled on the floor under the table lay the broken glasses, and the back door was a scattered pile of sand.

The man took off up the stairs to the second floor, tripping over toys and piles of clothes in search of his wife. He was afraid that she was sick or that something happened.

The wife he found in the bedroom on the bed, on her head she sported curlers, she was in my pajamas and read a novel. The wife looked at her husband, smiled and kindly asked how we loved the day went.

The puzzled husband looked at his wife and asked:

— What happened here today?

The wife smiled again:

— You know every day when you come home from work, you talk about his business and telling me what I do all day doing.

— Well, Yes, incredulous, came the reply.

So, today I really did NOTHING!



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