Michael Pollan: the darker the bread, the longer you live

American essayist, lecturer, and journalist Michael Pollan is known for his activism in the fight against modern agribusiness and the destruction of traditional natural cycles in systems of crop and livestock production. Pollan is the author of such famous books as "the omnivore Dilemma", "the Botany of desire", "In defense of food: an eater's Manifesto", "Rules of nutrition".

In the latter, the author has tried to present the basic rules of a healthy diet, explained how to distinguish a natural product from its harmful double, how much should you have other useful knowledge.

Performing at least some of the given rules, you will quickly learn to make the right choices between food, develop the habits of moderate power and learn to get more pleasure from food.

The darker the bread, the better.

In fact, white flour is practically no different from sugar. So it takes our body. Studies have shown that only black bread can bring health benefits. Those who prefer the whole grain crops and live longer and hurts less.

Discard the cereal, dyeing milk or water.

Muesli and similar cereals are considered a quick and healthy Breakfast. However, you should know that some of them are full of chemical additives and sugar. This product is not helpful, because it took the appropriate treatment, deprived of all beneficial properties.

Eat what would eat your grandmother.

The shelves are teeming with foods that our esteemed ancestors, even for food would not have been amused. This seems to us an acceptable way of eating. But what would our body if we asked him?

Manufacturers give the man what he wants: more sugar, fat and salt. Due to the fact that we do not see the connection between our condition and what we eat, we continue to eat junk foods that offer us the greedy producers. But this food is unnatural for humans.

In fact, the more a product was processed scientific minds, so it is harmful.

The food grown in the garden, the more useful that came out of the factory.

And rightly so.

Food is meant to satisfy hunger, not to deal with depression.

In the period of increasing stress and depression food became for mankind not only a means of satisfying hunger, but a means of calming. We eat when we are bored, when we are nervous. We eat to reward yourself, stress-eating, etc. And we eat it does not a carrot, and that is fatter and sweeter.

Rainbow in a bowl

This rule will help to make your diet varied and healthy. Try to make sure that your plate was the food at least 4 colors. But remember that, first, the natural shades are only fresh vegetables and fruits. Second, scholars argue that the view of colorful food contributes to hunger. Thirdly, the use of different vegetables and fruits guarantees entry into your body all the nutrients.

Do not buy the product, consisting of a large number of ingredients.

A large number of ingredients says more the processing of the product and on the content of the various preservatives, flavors, sugar or sweeteners and other unnecessary substances.

Do not buy the product if you're intimidated by the names of its ingredients.

Those terrible long words definitely do not mean anything good. After all, the house you are not using all this chemical diversity? Why let stuff yourself with this stuff to others? It is clear that all these additives are designed to extend the shelf-life or enhance color and flavor. But they will not bring.

Don't fall for the bright packaging and clever tricks of the supermarkets.

Remember that the more processed and unhealthy foods are on the most prominent places. Do not be lazy to look for fresh and natural products.

Products recycled by bacteria that are useful.

Do not give up kefir, yogurt, cheeses and soy sauce and other products, extending the period of fermentation and yeast.

Fat fat hatred.

Not all fatty foods should be considered harmful. French fries and donuts, Yes, but fatty fish – on the contrary. Substances contained in oily fish are beneficial and essential for the body.

Do not eat foods that do not rot.

What long kept, underwent a high degree of processing. The value of such product reduced several times and is virtually zero. In addition, it is likely stuffed with chemicals and preservatives. However, such products are honey, wine, or fermentation products that can be stored for decades.

Low fat does not mean healthy.

Low fat products contain more sugar and carbohydrates. In addition, such products are harder to otolith hunger. As a result, you eat more calories than consuming product with its natural fat content.

The slower you eat, the faster eats.

20 minutes – that's how long it takes the brain to feel satiety. Thus, it is desirable that your meal took longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise, you will cram much more than you need really.

Prefer vegetable broth meat.

It is sad, but the broth is not useful. When cooked it remains the most harmful substances contained in meat. Including animal fat, which leads to increased cholesterol in the blood, clogging of blood vessels and, as a consequence, subsequent heart attacks.

Eat from small utensils.

Studies have shown that replacing large plates to small, amount eaten decreases on average by 22%.

Traditional cuisine of different peoples of the world much more useful than the popular Western

Ie Chinese, Indian, Italian, French food is better than burgers, chips, soda.

Eat in the company.

Alone we eat more than the company. Eating with family or colleagues, we turn this process into a ritual, and not just in getting your belly.

Treats should remain treats.

There is nothing wrong to eat a piece of chocolate or ice cream. Why deprive yourself of this pleasure? Do this on holidays or weekends.


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The main thing – without fanaticism!

The rule, which will appeal to many: all comply with the measure, even in observing the action. As far as we ourselves, depends on our psychological state. Not worth driving yourself into a corner prohibitions. Healthy eating is good, but any obsession, even healthy food is bad.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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