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As a child I dreamed of living in a room in the attic, little did I know that it is called a loft, but nevertheless it didn't stop me to fantasize about her.

Don't know why so many love this room, but in my imagination it seemed in some mysterious corner for games, secret room or something like that.

Now the attic for me is a place of unbelievable charm, cozy atmosphere and inspiring on a creative wave.

Not for nothing that many painters, sculptors and other people associated with the work, choose as a workshop that is the attic.

If you are lucky enough to have your house, especially the attic, please do not use it as a pantry, which houses a huge number of old unwanted things. This is a versatile room that can be adapted to any room in any style.

Bedroom, nursery, games room, a guest room, a cozy sitting area, library, workshop, workplace, gym, billiard room, bathroom, anything, it just depends on the area and your imagination.

In order for the attic turned into a fully livable room, you need to fill it with lots of light, it is easiest to do using Windows. There are special window special design for sloped walls in the attic. Here's some ideas of what you can throw in the attic:


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