The loft above the eco house with his own hands

A good solution to increase the living area of the house is the device of the attic, which is especially important given the scarcity of useful land area. Attic can change for the better exterior of the house, giving it a new shape. Attic above the house with his own hands – we can talk about it, if you have experience in the execution of construction works, and know how to communicate with wood.If such abilities you do not, it is better for the equipment of the attic to invite experts, can help and advice from a team of Workerstroy.

The order of works on the construction of the atticEach house is equipped with a special technical room – attic located under the roof of the building, but why waste valuable space, if you can use the attic as a shelter. To transform the attic living in the attic, will have to work on its reconstruction, and to house with attic stood for a long time, should pay attention to the condition of surfaces and especially of the Foundation. If you are planning to convert the attic into living area, you will have to take measures to strengthen the Foundation.

After the Foundation is strengthened, and the house became stronger, you can begin to dismantle the old roof. This should be done carefully and gradually. First removed the old slate, other roofing and insulation. After this understands the very design of the frame, and if the wood is in good condition, it can be used at the equipment of the roof of the attic.

It is important! Slate and other materials should omit their pre-securing. First, it is necessary for security purposes, and second, you save the material, which can be useful in the equipment of the roof of the shed, for example.The draft of the atticIn the first stage should be the project of the attic – this can attract professionals, but you can do it yourself. House plan with attic involves the construction of functional living room under the roof. Variants of the project of the attic a lot, its main characteristics depend on the area of the house and strength of supporting structures. It is important that the height of the attic was not less than 2.5 metres, although often the attic is below – the main thing that it was convenient to be. It all depends on the angle of the roof – the smaller it is, the less living space. The standard slope of the roof of the attic is about 45-60 degrees.

The construction of the roof of the atticthe experts involved in the equipment of the roof, well aware of the rule "Golden section" means that section of the attic, even if it is small, it is possible to inscribe a circle. The next stage of building a house with a loft is to build the rafters for what must first be on the ground to collect the template in which will be assembled similar to items of the rafters. The angle of the wooden structures is in the range of 45-60 degrees, if you increase the angle, the roof will be exposed to the wind.

Next you have to arm a standard set of a carpenter, to call on the help of friends and start the installation, including the crate, which later will be attached the roof covering. The roof is exposed to constant danger. Her carry precipitation, so the next step will be to waterproofing, which is attached to the crate. It is necessary in order that the room was a normal humidity, the insulation does not get wet and served long. When the work of waterproofing and insulation laid roof covering, you can begin to interior decoration.

It is important! If you plan to use a soft roof, the sheathing should be fixed to OSB or other material of high hardness.Finishing work isthe construction of the attic can be considered finished after performing finishing works. The walls of the attic are made of different materials and it depends on the state of the Foundation and walls, as for the veneer, the inside is most commonly used drywall material, without which today is difficult to manage. If you were engaged in the construction of the attic with their hands, the drywall will help to hide some of the inaccuracies. You can use other materials and technologies – it depends on your particular preferences and financial capabilities. The market of building materials, and professional designers will make your loft a unique, comfortable and convenient to stay. published


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