Fiber cement shingles as an alternative to the old slate

The asbestos in the asbestos hazardous to health?Many people in our country want to live in a house built out of eco-friendly and harmless to human health materials for construction. However, the majority of people living in the home under the roof of an ordinary slate, probably can not even imagine how dangerous this roofing material! Because it is made of asbestos, which, although is a natural substance, extremely dangerous to the human respiratory tract because it contains a large number of flexible thin fibers.

Once in these organs, these fibers can cause such terrible diseases, like asbestosis (causing atrophy of the lungs) and even lung cancer! These diseases are deadly to mankind, which this substance has for hundreds of years is banned in all civilized countries. Prohibited asbestos in the construction industry. But until recently, when the Soviet government built residential and public buildings containing the harmful substance. This was due to the fact that the material is durable, does not burn and has low cost.

Because of the asbestos included in the materials of houses, in the days of the late USSR oncological diseases were widespread. At present, in the countries of the former Soviet camp allowed to use only one type of asbestos — chrysotile, or white asbestos. Getting into the human respiratory system, chrysotile fibers absolutely destroyed, so that white asbestos does not cause a man any harm.

The construction industry of today produces different articles of chrysotile:

  • Foam concrete;
  • Flat sheets for the installation of fences and walls;
  • Facade tiles for decoration of various buildings;
  • A mixture of asphalt and concrete;
  • A variety of putty, sealants and caulks;
  • Fabric, resistant to fire etc.
These building materials do not have the danger, because chrysotile fibers in them mixed with such substances as bitumen, oil, polymers, resin, plaster, rubber and cement. Given the comparative safety of this material for construction, the demand for asbestos is declining. This should take into account the following fact: the use of chrysotile in European countries has been prohibited since 2005.


Modern fiber cement shingles: its composition and characteristics, However, there is a good alternative to the slate — fiber cement shingles. And although it looks similar to slate, this roof is eco-friendly. As with the production of slate, in ferroceramic included cement, but apart from him, PVA fiber, cellulose, water and limestone. But the main advantage of this roof is the absence of asbestos. Of the substances of very interesting composite material is called fibre cement, which is made after the roofing tile and the roof, as the strap joining the side planks, the wind, the external plugs of the ridge and ridge elements. In performance, the material does not yield time-tested slate.

The texture of this material resembles the texture of natural wood. So, in contrast to the slate roof, fiber cement will look much more interesting. The specified roofing material is made in the usual manner wavy leaves, like an ordinary slate made of cement and asbestos. Plus, the roof has several colors (7 colors), types, sizes and shapes.

Currently, the roof of fibre cement is produced not only popular wavy shape, but also in the form of individual tiles, reminiscent of natural slate. So it is not difficult to build a varied roof configuration with a cute color.

Corrugated sheets are manufactured in various lengths and widths. Like slate, sheet width ferroceramic is determined by the number of waves typically 5 or 8. The weight of the tiles while its thickness 6mm to about 13-14 kg/m2.

Fiber cement shingles just cut with any cutting hand tools. The fastening of the roof occurs at the sheathing using special screws 6x100 mm, resembling roofing fasteners for metal roofing and corrugated sheet. Galvanized screws are threaded for easy screwing without damaging the sheet and the rubber seal to maximum tightness of screw and roof. The specified material is not expensive in price, all work can be performed independently.


Manufacturers of fibre cement roofingTile of fiber cement products went on sale in 1997, it happened in Belgium (brand Eternit). The first buyers of the shingles were tuned to the new material for the construction of roof very cautiously, as it was not known how the specified material for the construction will behave during normal daily operation, and even in difficult climate conditions. However, fibroferrite proved its ruggedness, reliability, durability and endurance, having undergone many years of testing humidity, staying in the Belgian air all year round, and snowy winters with frequent thaws.

In addition, the fibre cement is remarkable in that it is resistant to negative influence of fungi and wrecking insects. Certificates of conformity to standards OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 guarantees that the roof of fiber cement tile is environmentally safe. Latvian manufacturer of roofing Eternit Baltic is ready to give a guarantee on its products for a period of 30 years. However, daring to the manufacturer of the specified tile, the service life with proper care is up to 50 years.

Fiber cement shingles are also produced in Latvia. The plant in the Latvian city is Easyton material used for constructing roofs of houses.


The advantages of fiber-cement shinglesin summary, you can highlight the main advantages of fiber cement roof:

Environmentally friendly. The composition of the roofing material are safe for human substance. In addition, in the production of corrugated sheets all scrap is used for the further manufacture of the building material. Resistance of color coating-UV radiation. Thanks to a special technology of double color the roof does not change the factory color for a long time. An important advantage of the material is fireproof fiber cement shingles: roof belongs to the lowest class of combustibility (A1). Roofing material is resistant to atmospheric phenomena: wind, rain, snow, hail. Vapour permeable (similar to diffusion membranes) properties of the material to protect it from condensation on the inside of the tile. This advantage applies not only to the roof, but the wooden roof structure. The less moisture, the longer it will last truss system and sheathing. The ease of installation. Roof installation is the same as installation of corrugated asbestos cement sheets. Plus, fiber cement shingles has a large range of accessories for easy and reliable installation on the roof. The low cost of the roof allows it to compete with metallic materials, and bitumen (euroslate and shingles).

As an additional benefit, you can highlight the sustainability of modern roof cement-based education on its surface of various microorganisms and mould. With proper installation of fiber cement shingles has good mechanical properties, while maintaining the stability of the form, and therefore its integrity throughout life.

Installing the roof of ferroceramic, the owner of a private house will be safe, respectable, beautiful, durable roof. published




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