Composite tile is the best solution for protection and comfort

Eighty eight million three hundred fifty four thousand six hundred thirty five

The house is a reflection of the person. The place where he was waiting and which he cherishes. It's his heart. Every owner loves their structure, takes care of him tries to make him comfortable and to create an attractive appearance. The roof of the house is its head, so the choice of roofing material are particularly. The coating should be nice in appearance, long serve, to isolate the noise to create comfort. All the listed properties has a composite tile.

The structure of the material
The product combines the advantages of metal and the beauty of natural mineral materials. The basis of the product is a steel sheet. Properties of stiffness and ductility of steel enable you to create finished products of different geometric shapes.

Sheet steel, both sides coated special protection, characterized by resistance to corrosion. In the manufacture of a coating is applied aluminium alloy (main component percentage of the composition reaches 55), zinc (its share reaches 43 %), silicon (contents slightly to 6 %). Aluminium does not rust, and zinc creates a galvanic protection.

Before applying the next layer of the sheet is machined. It squeeze profile which determines how the composite tiles will look like after production, the cover layer of epoxy protection. The thickness of the third layer is only five microns, forms a barrier against mechanical damage of the material.

The fourth layer coatings — acrylic primer. It creates obstacles to ultraviolet rays, retains natural minerals.

Natural look the product gives the crumb of the stone, which is glued into the acrylic layer. For the production of granules using different rocks. The coating determines the appearance of the final product. On top of the granular stone applied acrylic glaze, which is completely transparent. This is the last layer. It protects mineral crumb from natural influences (wind, water, temperature).

The choice of products
The market offers a wide range of composite shingles. It is different in color, shape, thickness, price. When choosing a buyer's emphasis on the aesthetic properties of the material, its size and texture, which fully determine the form of the house as a whole. The quality of the product also plays a big role. When selecting a product, which will last a long time, certain rules must be followed:
— Perform a visual inspection of the shingles. It should not be damage and defects;
— Pay attention to the certifications of the products;
— To study the documentation of the product. Pay attention to the coating of steel sheet and the presence of granules of natural stone;
To be familiar with the manufacturer;
— Buy products in specialised stores.

Composite shingles are known for their durability. The Assembly of the roof to accomplish very simple with the convenient locks and the design characteristics of the product. Well closes the curves on the roof. Different wide range of shades that enhances the beauty of the structure.


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