Do you think how long it took the Japanese to patch this huge sinkhole?

The size of this hole in the ground about 30 meters long, 27 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The website asks the reader to make a mental guess: how long will it take the utility to cope with the disaster? Left — a sinkhole formed November 8, 2016, to the right, the same place in 48 hours

This big sinkhole formed in the center of the Japanese city of Fukuoka on November 8 and... after only 48 hours (!!!) the street looked as good as new.

Utilities worked around the clock and in record (not only ours, but also by world standards) terms filled the hole 6 200 cubic metres of sand and cement. The mayor brought the townspeople apologize, and assured that a new cover is 30 times safer still.



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