How to quickly dry wet shoes

Nature just never happens in bad weather? Tell that to the ever-damp shoes! A nasty mush of snow, huge puddles that do not jump and can not do without losses, and strive to leave their wet trail in cozy shoes or boots. So we have to look for different tricks, how to quickly dry your shoes.


Important! Never give in to the desire to quickly dry wet shoes (especially leather, membrane) directly on the battery or near a heater: they can spoil your favorite shoes out of all recognition! Why? Near a source of heat shoes to dry unevenly. Moisture evaporates only from the outside, the material starts to deform, crack, and fused items can not fall.


  • Rubber boots feel great near the heater, on the battery. If the heat source is very hot, pomestite plate. Just pull the insulation and place it separately on the battery.

  • Decided to use a dryer – select correct temperature. It should only be blowing cold!

  • Sneakers, sneakers after washing to dry, preferably not in the machine, and in a natural way, suede – only at room temperature.

  • Wet leather sole place so that the air came freely: put Shoe on its side or hang it on the laces.

  • Before drying be sure to dry the shoes inside and out from dirt with a damp cloth. But suede shoes you must first be dried, then remove adhering dirt with a Shoe brush.

  • Want quick dry insole – pull them out wet boots and place on the battery.

Old Newspapers

Stuff wet boots inside crumpled newspaper. Wrap paper shoes outside and secure with a rubber band and change damp Newspapers as often as possible. So it is possible to dry the membrane and fastidious suede shoes. By the way, this method is the most effective and proven more than one generation. If the boots are light, take toilet paper. The fact that the wet Newspapers left on the surface of the Shoe typographical paint which is wiped bad. One caveat: wet leather is very vulnerable, so don't natalkivat in wet shoes too much paper not to stretch or modify its shape.


To quickly dry wet boots, shoes will help ordinary salt. Heat it, for example, to clean the pan or baking sheet. Pour in thick socks, gently spread inside of the boot or Shoe. If the salt has cooled, and the moisture remains inside, repeat the procedure.

Silica gel

After washing, shoes or sneakers can be quickly dried with silica gel. This is a great way to dry and suede shoes. Just put the little balls inside and the hour-second wait. By the way, this mini-dryer can also be worn to work. Will only change after the rain and put the silica gel, for example, in wet boots. Until the end of the day all the moisture will leave and not forget to dry the bags with a filler on the battery, to again use these wonderful balls for the purpose.

Vacuum cleaner

How to dry shoes with a vacuum cleaner? It's very simple! Connect the cleaner hose to the hole on blowing, put the tube in the boots. Some mistresses get upset when after researching the device does not find the hole for blowing air, so do not apply this kind of drying. But in vain! It turns out that there are some tricks. Working on the air intake, the cleaner removes excess moisture and can very quickly dry the material inside. On each boot take a minimum of 15 minutes of your precious time. Do the right thing!


Preparatory phase: from wire make 2 hooks, similar to English "S". Fix them on the grid of the fan at one end, on the other hang the boots, shoes heels up. Boots way to dry is not very comfortable: they are too overall. Untie the laces, pull the tongue. Expand the shoes to make sure she was flushed from the inside. Fan hook, turn on medium speed. After an hour, check the result. This method is good when you need to quickly dry shoes, sneakers after washing.


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Fill the bottom of the box of ordinary rice. Shoes made from delicate material put on the rice soles up. The box cover tightly with a lid, the moisture level can only check in a few hours.


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