Productive solitude: become the best version of yourself

For some women the concept of "private life" implies solely the presence of a romantic relationship. Loneliness for them is disastrous and unbearable condition, testing is painful waiting for a man that will bring them bright colors and point in the right direction. Others in this period, on the contrary, find a thousand opportunities and make a breakthrough in the career and own development.

The lack of a permanent partner is not a reason for putting off life for later. If suddenly, it seems that everything interesting you have already mastered, and only the new man (definitely male!) able to open you a new world – you of their own hands and resign themselves to a meaningless waiting and losing precious time.

When a girl doesn't need to escape from work to meet with her lover to a certain hour, to take care of his comfort, the surprises and planning a journey together – all the time can be entirely devoted to their own interests and new Hobbies.

However, there are the all-knowing friends and relatives with their meaningful review "to get married you need", "give birth here and will not all this nonsense", "it's all from a lack of men." The answer is obvious only one: it is unlikely that a countless number of opportunities, emotions and reactions at a certain point, focus on the family.

A desire to learn, to change, to find themselves and overcome their own fears – it's not filling a void and not a necessary measure. It's a way to hear yourself, to understand their true desires, to live every day with meaning and inspiration.

Free girls are always more on all sorts of courses on writing, pottery, world history, oratory, painting, film and architecture. They are doing in the gym, learn new postures, hone complex movements in dance classes, jump on trampolines, and sit on the twine and release the stress on floating.

Try yourself as a screenwriter, learn coding, starting to speak a third foreign language, traveling several times a year, regardless of someone else's schedule. They plan their lives and are responsible for the result and development of his personality. These girls are not bored with ourselves, and therefore, they will not be sad and others.

A large number of free time – an inevitable circumstance, but at the same time it is and checking. During this period, it is possible to learn self-discipline and realize the importance of self. Instead of having to be in anxious expectation of the partner with whom you have to be leisure, meaningful conversations until the morning and dizzying journey, you can create this reality now with its main partner – himself.

Only in this case, the future Alliance will become truly strong.Two conscious, "filled", diverse people who know and understand yourself more chances to build a harmonious Union.

Of course, such active leisure – only partly an investment in yourself and in future relationships. On the other hand, is the formation of a way of life and its own rhythm. Permanent employment and the desire to know and learn becomes an integral part of the character.

And the moment in the life of a girl finally getting the most anticipated partner, it does not slow down the pace, but definitely the internal filter gets rid of all insignificant.

The girl in the relationship, in the family and with children is not lost to society, even if her friends are wondering why she dropped out of learning Chinese and so not up to sirsasana.

The fact that she was faced with a choice and set a balance between many Hobbies, and romantic relationships. In this new reality she still is a perfect combination of their interests with the interests of the partner, lives life to the fullest and adds fuel to your inner engine.

However, due to its numerous pursuits and Hobbies, she learned so well that the important people in her life allowed to cut off all the side and leave only the Essentials.


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And if now in her weekly schedule recorded three gym sessions, two lessons of Portuguese and one lecture at the linguistic classification of world cultures, this does not mean that she is lazy and sacrificed their interests. It's just that she identified the really important things became obvious to her only after many experiments.


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Source: Alina Sharona


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