"Velvet" fasting — lose weight and improve your body! Only need a handful of dried apricots...

Substandard products, irregularities in the mode of food intake, stress — these are just a few factors that provoke weight gain. Therefore, the problem of weight loss nowadays particularly relevant.

Our editorial staff for weight loss without harm for health! We want to offer to your attention the "velvet" starvation, was developed by Alfred Gabdulbarovich Ziganshin not only for losing weight, but, initially, for healing the body.

During the fasting method Ziganshina need to drink the infusion of dried apricots or dried apricots and water. It is better to choose distilled water. But if not, then you can drink spring-water, bottled drinking water, tap water, if that were not chemical treatment. But the mineral is not suitable as it has a lot of salt!

Treatment starvation

Day 1: 5-7 dried apricots (apricots, dried apricots) repeatedly brewed with boiling water, this vitamin drink during the day is consumed. The rest of the fruit – soaked tissue at the end of the day is eaten. In addition to the infusion of apricots or dried apricots during the day drink small SIPS of clean water. The total amount of fluids – 2-3 liters.


To provide the body with trace elements is taken 1 tsp of seaweed powder. In addition, during the day, you must eat a clove of garlic by piece, carefully chewing. Passing into the saliva of the medicinal ingredients of garlic have antimicrobial, including antiseptic effect.

Day 2:

Continue to drink the infusion of dried apricots or dried apricots and eat at the end of the day they dried. To this is added 1 orange that you can eat the slices throughout the day or entirely. Also eat a clove of garlic and 1 teaspoon of seaweed powder. Like all days, in addition to the infusion continue to drink clean water.

3 and 4 days:

Fasting on water only (2,5 - 3,5 liters a day)


5-14 day:

The cycle is repeated.

15-21 days:

Pure hungry days are excluded, every day used the same 5-6 bruchin and 1 orange. By the end of week gradually added the liquid porridge and pureed cooked vegetables. This is enough in the next few days go on a normal diet. So you get out of fasting without stress to the body.


It is very important to maintain the therapeutic effect of fasting, maintaining a proper diet. In particular, limit the consumption of salt, which in a number of diseases causes fluid retention and edema. In addition, you should reduce the intake of sweets, muffins and refuse animal fats.

Stay fit and healthy! Your friends it will also be useful to know!

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