"Who was not a student, that does not understand..." Killer story, the guys in the Dorm to eat tried

They say that the students are the most resourceful people, and hungry students — and even the most inventive. The website invites the reader to explore the amazing history of the student residence to verify the veracity of this statement.

The end of the 1990s. Then all information about the institution were taken from the collections before applying. Was still the second option: to call and clarify the information collection. In the book the year it was written for students provided free meals. My mom called and said that this is Breakfast, second Breakfast and lunch, and handed me at the train in the hands of the second bag with food for two weeks.

And some of the parents thought that students would feed all day, and the products have given little. Why they ever thought that the feed will be free until dinner? Because it was a College in Rechitsa and Rechitsa is considered a contaminated area and students rely on free meals. But then the students. Apparently, the parents felt that students it also applies the starving fed a delicious and free (this is important!) dinner.

I remember the disappointment in the eyes of the girls, not having taken a pan, pans... in a few days the freshman went to their home villages for utensils and food.

And here went the second week of school. Girls from the surrounding towns and villages have visited the home and brought food and cooking utensils. But not all lived close. He entered the first course of three guys who, like me, to parents, to travel far. Products they're all gone in the early days, money was lowered at the same time, celebrating the arrival and settlement. And hungry, but nothing.

We sit in my room and hear a knock. Open — on the threshold of the boys:

— Girls, we're soup I decided to cook, we have no carrot. Will not give?

We scraped the bottom of the barrel and given carrots. The boys thanked him and closed the door. And then we hear a knock at the front door:

— Girls, we're soup I want to cook, we have no potatoes. Can I borrow some?

It turned out, the guys with the hunger came up with a brilliant idea. They walked on the floors and gathered products to the soup. We took carrots, neighbors — potatoes across the room — beets, somewhere else loaned the pot... And in the last room just said what foods to eat, and the soup they can't make. And girls rescued, of course.

So they fed for almost a week, trying twice in the same room not to go, not to bedrooms. Girls had to cook them pancakes, fried potatoes, cooked cereal... That's just guys not realize that the sound in the corridor a great evening and going for food became the most discussed news of the week two days later, when all the floors have already been posted.

In General, the story ended well, the boys happily lived for two weeks on charitable funds and then visited the parents and stocked up on food in the months ahead.

It is true that a hungry student is the most resourceful thing on the planet!

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