20 pictures about how cool to live in the dorm

Hostel - it's unforgettable. There are always many people and little space is occupied by someone else your pan pasta, and fall asleep to the wild screams and loud noises - this is normal.

The hostel is never empty and lonely. But life here is for those who are strong in spirit and with a healthy sense of humor.

Website brought to you 20 pictures of how great life is at the hostel. Enjoy your nostalgia.

"Everyone says that you can not drink, and I say that I will beĀ».

Tetradigitate Frankie is going to fight for his love!

Mmm, new blinds.


Biological weapons is detected.

This "game of thrones" in the dorm.

Before scholarships remained 1 week.

Signature: "Your cockroachesĀ».

Well, seriously, do not bother kid!

Freud would have wept if read.

And no one will eat up a forgotten meal.

Well, that is all logical.

"Obschazhnye" mutual lessons.

Living in a dorm - for a strong spirit.

There are women in Russian villages ...

I wonder how the girls would share guy.

Perhaps they say about the rose-colored glasses.

Mugs - consumables in a hostel.

Frying pan in a hostel almost as currency.

No, they just introverts.

All good neighbors!

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