20 pictures of how a fun ride in the minibus

Minibuses in Russia - is a byword. Their capacity, agility and drivers that happens in the salon, is legendary, and the way to get from point A to point B so that was a real attraction. Website brought to you 20 pictures of how a fun ride to the shuttles.

Capacity GOST.

To the driver appeared Prize.

Well, just ready to manifest.

So you need to cultivate respect for elders.

And always this handsome luck.

Walk! I probably five laps around the city do.

For three days he could not get out of the bus.

And when you exhale?

That's really really - 15 minutes of fear, and you are at home.

The shuttles all superheroes.


It would be sad not much if I went a little more often.

On the driver's knees and horn can be enough.

The action "Sdash enemy - proedesh freeĀ».

Plus pockets cleaner.

ChervAnets, I would say.

Announcement for those who have already lost the battle for a seat.

Well, just the joy of the route.

How would not stop its drive!

All the convenient and fast minibuses!

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