The programmer has arranged a kindergarten for adults

Novosibirsk programmer Eugene Pyatkovsky staged a kindergarten for adults in the district "Zeleny Bor". As told to Eugene Pyatkovsky, kindergarten for adults opens October 6 — the first thing the group recorded bankers.

"People are pretty serious... Im so tired of office life, they want new and interesting things. Not all these training quests are already tired of people, they want happiness. But happiness only happens in childhood," explained the author of the idea. Investments in the project amounted to 600 thousand rubles.

Thirty two million three hundred seventy eight thousand five hundred nine

Visitors adult kindergarten serves Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, as in ordinary schools for children, Conchas and classes: drawing, modeling, singing and many games. Teach invited active teachers of kindergartens. The opening was preceded by a long study of the methods of the kindergartens, first and foremost, Soviet education, said the author of the project.

"I found grandmothers who in the USSR were heads in kindergartens or teachers. gathered the whole experience and eventually gave birth to this miracle" — said Eugene Pyatkovsky.

Ninety six million two hundred fifty four thousand four hundred seventy


One day in the garden will cost 3 thousand rubles. for one person only in the group of 10 participants and groups will be matched according to similar interests and ages. Area — 120 sq. m. According to Eugene Pyatkovskogo, Novosibirsk Mature garden — the first in Russia, a year ago, a similar idea embodied in the United States. Plans Pyatkovskogo — start after Novosibirsk Mature gardens in Moscow and St. Petersburg. published

Photo by Anna Zolotova (1) and Eugene Pyatkovskogo (2)


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