Love is possible only when you are not afraid to lose my partner

I think, in the life of every woman can be a man that offends, insults her, mocks her. Psychologists say that all that is unconscious in choosing a partner according to the parent script or generic programs. All this takes place and sometimes obvious.

As it happens, happen it's hard to explain things: for example, a good girl from a loving family selects a sociopath and gets the whole set of manifestations of the shadow side of the personality. As if the person has needs to measure itself to the bottom.

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Many women have painful, traumatic experience is a natural stage in the formation of her personality. To fall and be humiliated to the very limit, and then to hate the male species, to be disappointed and to lose faith, and only with time, God willing, to realize that it is not a man – it's you. You little, very little, like, do not respect and do not appreciate. So allow us to do what is capable of his wounded psyche.

And you're terribly afraid of being alone. You can be strong and independent, own apartment, car and other benefits, but not to be self-sufficient. You most uncomfortable with you, you are afraid to be alone.

Yes, your head will tell you why you cling to this man – you love. But it is not love. It's all about love. It's an addiction. Terrible, heavy addicted to love. When and together impossible, and separately ad.

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I'm sure love is possible only when you are not afraid to lose my partner. You can be without him sad, sometimes lonely, but will not be panicky and hopeless. When there is trust in oneself and the world, when you are free from the unconscious, you know that in suffering there is great meaning.

You can always abandon what brings you pain and get something better that brings satisfaction and joy. And the choice you make consciously, not going on fear: fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment and other fears.


I'm so tired of being strong…My erogenous zone is the brain

Once dropping to the bottom of feelings, reaching complete helplessness and risorante, there is no reason to choose the addiction over and over again. To write is easy, but to do a reboot (and another choice need a kind of reboot - reinstallation of the underlying beliefs) is extremely difficult.

It may take years and years of loneliness. But there's no other way. And the first step is to finish in a moment all the suffering, putting an end to a painful relationship. Begin a new suffering from the breakup of a relationship is akin to withdrawal from drugs. Here, psychologists and therapists to get better.

To become Mature, complete personality is the main issue. And it is worth it to survive the break-up and begin to live freely and happily.published 


Author: Lilia Ahremchik





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