Presented combining wind and solar energy Russian plant

Russian inventors Valery Perevalov and Leonid Primak held at the international Congress REENCON-XXI "Renewable energy XXI century: energy and economic efficiency" presentation design "P2-rotor", which brings together vetrorotor and solar panel and uses that work together to improve the efficiency of the entire unit.

Work on the project "P2-rotor" began in 1996. Since then managed to produce pilot plant demonstrator technology.
In addition, it was achieved an efficiency level of the best world samples — 44% and identified ways to further improve and modify the design for different operating conditions.

In the long term efficiency of the plant will reach 55-60 percent While the unit cost of one kilowatt of rated power of 50 thousand rubles. Upon reaching the designed life of 10 years, the price of 1 kW/hour will be not more than 1.5 rubles.

Congress REENCON-XXI "Renewable energy XXI century: energy and economic performance" was created on the initiative of the Russian Academy of Sciences, national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics" and the International sustainable energy development centre under the auspices of UNESCO. In 2016, joined the organizers of the SKOLKOVO Foundation and the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow. published




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