12 products that should not be given to children under 3 years

No mother who cares about the health of your baby, do not give him food chips, mayonnaise, canned soda and similar junk food. Meanwhile, the gastro-intestinal tract of a child under 3 years of age, able to digest, not all foods that parents offer children.

We at the Website decided to heed the advice of nutritionists and find out what foods you should not feed children of this age.

1. Meat and fish broth should be replaced by vegetable

Read more. When cooking them goes too many extraneous substances that irritate the vulnerable gastrointestinal tract of the child. So the smallest it is best to cook soups on vegetable broth, and the meat is served separately.

2. Instead of "Doktorskaya" sausage is better to give a piece of cheese

Read more. There is hardly a mother who decides to offer the crumbs of a smoked sausage with bacon, but the doctor's sausage and sausages many people somehow believe more harmless option. And in vain – too, too much fat, salt and food additives. They prevent absorption of calcium, which is vital for the immature child's body. In addition, the salt increases the load on the circulatory system. If you don't monitor its consumption, it will lead to heart problems, and at a later age to hypertension.

As a snack the child can be offered a cheese sandwich and butter. In the main meals — main dishes of meat, chicken with garnish.

3. Mushrooms are excluded from the diet

Read more No wild mushrooms, no "harmless" greenhouse mushrooms should not cook the children until school. This product is very hard to digest and can cause the baby indigestion.

4. Fish prefer seafood

Read more. The kid with good appetite, may not refuse boiled shrimp or squid. But these products are hard to digest and are strong allergens, therefore, are excluded from the infant and dietetic foods.

Black and red caviar is also impossible to give the kids. Due to the abundance of salt and irritant action on the digestive tract it they did not fit.

In this case, the choice is better to make in favor of the fish. In fact, you can try and prepare for the baby tasty dish that will be very useful.

5. Fresh vegetables instead of canned

Read more. Squash caviar, olives, canned cucumber – some children and pulls on solenenkoe. That's just to give the child such meals nutritionists strongly advise because of the abundance of spices and salt, excess of which is fraught with problems with the kidneys.

Fresh vegetables or salad they serve as a perfect replacement in this case.

6. The glazed cheese curds better

Read more. In the composition of this delicacy – the excess sugar and fat, flavors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and that's actually cheese there is much less than I would like, therefore, to act as a replacement for this important product they can't.

7. Learn to make ice cream yourself

More Ice cream is included in the ranking of the most common food allergens. If a baby is lactose intolerant, it is better to refuse. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavorings, vegetable fats – and that's not the whole list of features that are potentially dangerous for a small child. Do not forget that this cold dessert is a frequent cause of summer colds.

If, nevertheless, you occasionally want to pamper baby, take natural yoghurt, if desired dobaviti him small pieces of fruit or berries and freeze. Get homemade ice cream. The child will love it, and you won't doubt as treats.

8. Instead of industrial baking — homemade cakes

Read more all Kinds of biscuits, wafers, cakes, pastries are heavy on the immature pancreas of the child. In addition, if we are talking about baking industrial production, it is a real treasure not only calories, but also allergens – because of the many dietary supplements.

If you make a choice in favor of homemade cakes with quality ingredients. And, of course, here we must remember about the rule: the less the better.

9. Chocolate replaced cocoa

Read more under 3 years children should not take it. And if chocolate or candy added artificial flavour components, the risk of allergies is even higher. Besides, it contained theobromine boosts the nervous system, causing anxiety, confusion and insomnia. Fat kids, too, unnecessarily, and for stomach is a real challenge. Often the chocolate can be detected, the notorious palm oil. Milk chocolate it is better to give children not before 5-6 years.

But in the child's diet after two years it is possible to include cocoa. Start the introduction with a small portion — no more than a quarter of a teaspoon — in order to check whether the child has allergies to this product. The fewer impurities it contains cocoa powder — the more it is useful for children's health.

10. Apples and pears — Yes, exotic fruits — no

Read more it is Important to remember that food culture should correspond to the place where the person was born. Exotic fruits can also harm the child's body. Mango, papaya, pomelo and similar fruits can cause in children food poisoning and severe allergies. You should be careful with melon and grapes. These fruits cause increased flatulence and overload the pancreas.

To replace them is apples, pears or other fruits that are close to the climate zone in which you were born and live.

11. With nuts it's better to wait

Read more On what foods Allergy in children the most common? At the head of the black list is peanuts. The reaction to it can be very painful, even to suffocation, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Do not forget that nuts are an extremely nutritious food, rich in saturated fats. The child's body to cope with them is not easy. The more that kids poorly chew their food and can choke with pieces of nuts or damage to their mucous membranes.

12. Canned fruit in syrup dried fruit model

More Canned fruit in syrup contain preservatives and lots of sugar. Dried apricots, dates, figs, raisins, prunes no less tasty and useful. It is only necessary to choose high-quality dried fruits that have not been processed with preservatives.

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