38 years later the patient sought out the nurse who was kind to her in childhood. This story is filled with light

The website tells a story that literally warm my heart.

Photo source: Pikabu.ru38 years ago, a young nurse cared and took care of little Amanda Scarpinato in the Department of Pediatrics Albany Medical center in new York. The girl suffered terribly at home steam vaporizer, which severely burned her skin in many places on the body. These few photos are all that remain as reminders of those days in the clinic.

As soon as Amanda was growing up, other children constantly abused her, ridiculing her scars and burns, from which the girl had suffered greatly. Therefore, an unknown nurse in the photo was Amanda's constant source of strength all these years. When she was bad, she was looking at the photos, kind smile of a nurse, her caring embrace and gaze, filled with compassion and love. This Amanda always felt better.

"Me constantly mocked in my childhood, because I was disfigured by burns. I spent hours looking at these pictures and talked to her, though he didn't know who she is. I calmed down and felt the coziness and comfort, looking at this woman who so genuinely cared for me," says Amanda.

In 38 years, Amanda decided to finally find out something about the unknown nurse. She posted these black and white photographs on Facebook and asked his friends to share them with your friends. So she was hoping that sooner or later someone will be able to identify a nice girl in the photo.

And it became clear fairly quickly that the nurse's name is sue Berger. And at the beginning of this week, the two women finally met again at the same place — in Medical center Albany, 38 years later.

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