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Modern society (I mean the entire world community and not just individual countries), it seems really decided to implement his regressive progress the principle I set as the title.

And more and more like a "monster oblo, mischievously, huge, stozevno and lay" (A. Radishchev), namely the notorious Oranus, brilliantly described by V. Pelevin in "Generation P".

Don't remember, because it is not read? Well, right, it should tell you about the essence of this phenomenon...

According to Pelevin, the aforesaid Oranus (God, it sounds good in Latin, whereas in Russian all easier and banal: "rotozhopy") is (and, apparently, a long time ago) a living organism, the individual cells of which are the people; the nervous system – the Internet and other media; and the vital essence, the carrier of nerve impulses and/or blood speak money: the notorious "loot" (apparently, in virtual form, they provide the transmission of these impulses but in the real version of all sorts of material wealth – the flesh and blood of Oranus...).

People cells are driven by wow-impulses: the incoming signals that determine their behavior. Pulses of those only three – as well as behavior, they are called.

The oral wow-impulse induces the "wow individuals" in every way to earn and get money, that is, in fact, they absorb mostly to destroy the suffering from mismatch of the ideal image "I" is created (the same one who just impose us what to wear, what to drive, what to do, where to live, etc. — in order to "conform to the ideal": a certain not described by Sigmund Freud (what a lucky guy – did not live...) version of the "over I")...

The anal wow-impulse induces (and how...), these "cells" select ("...sown") received and/or accumulated money in order, at least for a time, very conditional (syndrome Ellochka Ogress and miss Vanderbilt – I. Ilf and E. Petrov "12 chairs") to experience the pleasure of conformity "standard".

At the same time (so you understand why all of this is temporary...) wow-the man takes pleasure in itself the act of spending money, not from owning a particular item or object of consumption. That's why they buy cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars that is simply impossible to use adequately in terms of total urban traffic...

There are, however, a third Wau-pulse: non-preemptive. In essence it is a protective mechanism (psychological defense, unfortunately, increasingly niesiolowska forms...), which Oranus protect yourself from any kind of interferences.

Is this to impose a system of concepts, implicitly or explicitly apply only to money (any it is clear that behind the friendly cries of some higher values there is only one value – money, then the "loot", which conquers evil, but if it is unclear what, sorry, take, sorry, primitive "rotozhopy": look how many of them got divorced...).

Interpretation of everything in the required key Oranus (now his nervous system is working firmly in the third world war – ideological...). And total disregard for any kind of meanings that are not related to money or questioning their value, as well as the banal repression of any dissent.

By the way, the common phrase "rotozhopy": "If you're so smart, why so poor" is one of them; and it is no coincidence that we have equivalents in English: "you are so clever snow me your money" and "Money talks bullsnit walks" ("stupid walks, money talks").

The saddest thing here is that the existence of the modus of Oranus just has to ruin everything. From human civilization as a whole, which in the face of "international community", more degrading, and serving only "monetary exchanges" (a bude limited numbers, the brazen and unscrupulous, but always hiding behind lofty words, steals, robs and robs where no hitting...).

And to specific people, what, in particular, as quite rightly wrote all the same Viktor Pelevin, build communication with each other based on meaningless chatter distracting, they are arrogant, greedy, cunning, and inhuman inserting my anal impulses (that is, excuse me, crap...) with the hope to feed him another as pulse oral (that is, to make it eat shit, and even paying for it).

The most scary here are two things. The first is that Oranus, self-organized, may soon become the only (not one – he has become, and that is the one...) representative of Mind on this Earth. And the second is that now most of us are not presented leaving no choice dilemma: either to become "rotozhopy" obespechivalo life of Oranus, or to be simply destroyed, not only morally, but also physically...

In my opinion, the only (but seems very narrow...) remedy for mankind is again a return to fundamental principles: the laws of this reality, which were formulated by Hermes Trismegistus.

1. Mentality ("All is thought").

2. Of correspondence ("As above, so below").

3. Vibration ("nothing is stationary, everything moves, everything vibrates").

4. Polarity ("Everything is dual, everything has its opposite").

5. Rhythm ("everything flows, Everything flows and flows; everything has tides").

6. Causality ("Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause").

7. Sex or origin ("Half – the origin of everything, and only from the merging of male and female and all born).

And to return is not purely speculative, but it is even effective.

First, Buda, according to the principle of mentality, Oranus material reproduced on this Land thanks to the total imposition of its ideology of those in power with a complacent indifference of the silent majority, the healthy forces of this world should be like counter-ideological influences. Because in order to rebuild the mentality in a certain region, it is necessary to establish a synchronous thinking about one percent of the population of the region (in the case of a rather advanced meditation enough to the square root of one percent!). And methods such as collective meditation has long been developed, but are used only for the organization of the next color revolutions expressed oral-anal type and nature...

Secondly, following the principle of conformity, it is necessary at the top – in the sphere of elite life – to prepare, justify, and implement a model of life, one without money as the main value of life and return human life its true meaning. Moreover, to implement the necessarily and universally, at the same time while re-educating the mass consciousness. Which, unfortunately, was seriously affected by the virus of nihilism and moral relativism.

Thirdly, based on the vibration principle, to make every possible effort to raise the level of human consciousness (reminiscent of that in the interpretation of D. Hawkins, where US is the essence of the clock frequency of the human computer). Because the higher the "frequency conscious vibrations", the greater the number of people in the world it affects, raising their level of consciousness. And in fact, at the present average level of consciousness of the population less than two hundred conventional points some understanding and adequately assessing what is happening, all the same D. Hawkins, is simply impossible. Because thinking in this case, in fact, serves imposed and/or Intrusive facts and emotions, strongly justifying them.

Fourth, under the principle of polarity, we can finally afford to consciously confront if not the world, that part of it, and without depressing thoughts like, "they're up, and we didn't." For the unipolar world is doomed to destruction, self-destruction, because even in normal forest predators, get rid of the herbivores are forced to eat each other, as they say, to the last individual (which itself will die from hunger...).

Fifth, following the principle of rhythm, probably I just have to get used to the constant fluctuation of everything from the plus to minus and back. Not to fall into euphoria from the UPS, and then in despair from falling. To stop the "quenching wave" catastrophic expectations (see principles 1 and 2) and just slide on them like a surfer ("We can't stop the waves – but we can easily them to ride...").

Sixthly, based on the principle of cause and effect, law, is to learn, forced his way through a host of consequences that are issued for reasons (lies, declared as the truth...) to see the true causes of all events. For example, in this case (say humbly and gently) acts of Oranus and serving it "rotozhopy"...

Finally, in the seventh, it's time to return to the perception of male and female as the basis for the emergence of this world. In particular, in any case without prejudice to the rights of sexual minorities (save me, God!), still, to return to the man male, and female – female. So these two fields and gender contributed to the prosperity of Eros in the sense that he was invested a K. Wilbur: a driving force of development of the Universe!..


Epic blockage of the brain: How destructive people skillfully shift the responsibility on youIf you are constantly thinking about what you don'T like, it will definitely be in your life

What would happen if we all seriously will not bother? But nothing really bad. Mind the earth will be represented by only one carrier: Aranyam. And here I have long been warm the idea that because of simple age (and I'm over 60), I not too long delayed on this Earth.

Because the Other Reality that will pick me up There in Heaven as a patrimony for future growth and development, is likely to be much more kind and positive than the current one. Well, at least because here and now I did everything I could, within the framework of what was known, and could that the world has lived, prospered and were happy. It is a pity that, it seems to have failed...posted


Author: Sergey Kovalev


Source: psy-in.ru/articles/vverh-po-vedushhej-vniz-lestnitse


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