Sergey Kovalev: Every disease has its deep meaning

The story we were told by one of my teachers: a great Ericksonian hypnotherapist Jacques Bechio.

...About Ambroise pare, who officially was listed as only a Barber, but in fact was a psychic and healer-class, in medieval France went amazing rumors. In particular, according to one of them, it was believed that if he put the patient the diagnosis, then he will recover.

And once in the monastery, which was to visit the Ambroise paré in order including witness does not have funds for treatment suffering, from last forces literally crawling dying man. History has not preserved the exact name of his disease. But the fact that it was one of and currently incurable scourges of mankind, is for sure...

In fact dying, this man had a painful night. In the cold and stinking cell. On a bed of dirty straw. In the company of such as he, sick... And in the morning examined him Ambroise pare accurately set provides no chance for recovery diagnosis. And confirmed the verdict aloud, saying in Latin: "He's dying." But the patient did not know Latin! He knew only one thing: if Ambroise paré make a diagnosis, recovery guaranteed. And soon, a perfectly healthy person left the walls of the monastery and went home. Just move on, not even suspecting that his recovery was impossible...

Why I remembered this story? Yes, because recently had a completely new seminar on psychosomatic cure (treatment of the body by the soul). Which caused a kind of "violent commotion in the minds of" likely to cause a serious change in the paradigm of human healing. However, unfortunately, due to simple lack of time, I have paid too little attention to the theory of psychosomatic psychotherapy. What, in General, could have a negative impact on the mastering of practical (psychotherapeutic) part of this seminar. Therefore, this article should be how to shrink that Then and There the gaps and challenges...

First – about some of the shortcomings of traditional medicine, constantly forcing us to turn to unconventional methods of healing. As I once wrote, unfortunately, the modern medical industry resembles a very advanced aircraft. Fully serviceable, with full tanks and a highly skilled crew. Here only it seems that the plane is completely lost in space and time... Otherwise it's hard to explain why the current medicine dominate dogma is the search for new paradigms. Outdated recipes instead of custom possibilities. The study of the problems instead of exploring possibilities. Focus on addressing the disease instead of gaining health. And narrow, a purely physiological approach is the declared holistic (which includes not only the Body but also the Mind, Soul and Spirit).

The strange thing here is that there is no apparent mystery to the modern science has already described a basic (but not only!) the mechanism of psychosomatic healing. Which is called modest and it is unclear gipotalamicheski-gipofizarno impact. The essence of this clever idea, however, is fairly simple. Each of us, sorry, the brain (or brain?) there are so-called the hypothalamus (this applies to all, even those who have the presence of a brain is questionable). The easiest way you can imagine as a sort of "console" or "control room" of the room. And in the body, again, all, without exception, there is also the pituitary gland: a sort of perhaps the most important gland of internal secretion. Through therapy we vozdeistviem on the hypothalamus, which, in turn, transmits the desired on the pituitary gland. But recently, manipulating all of the other glands of internal secretion (and probably not only them), as it provides the embodiment of the desired changes directly in the notorious "soma" (that is, the body).

As you can see, everything is logical. That, however, does not exclude other explanations "psychosomatic miracles." Order by which all processes and phenomena in the human body have three forms:

  • information,
  • energy,
  • material (as a purely biological – for example, the organ of the body as such, and physiological functioning).

Thus it turns out that the "information part" as it precedes the rest (so to speak, is closer to the original). And energy and material are built after it "in the image and likeness".

What does it matter? Yes, the fact that, first, without changing the informational component actually somehow naive to assume that healing can only be achieved by the methods of classical medicine: the patient in this case, as it will be less healthy, but only slightly poleceniem.

Secondly, in terms of the information component, you can easily trigger a positive chain:

  • information
  • energy
  • materialization.

That, in fact, not even just possible, but natural. Because the soft tissue of the body completely (!) change every six months! And only well-established information pathology (that is, diseases in this incarnation) does not give the body almost to change from disease to health.

All of this requires "only" the solution of three questions:

  • about faith
  • about the language
  • about the meaning.

First – faith is absolutely necessary because of the biblical "every man according to his faith" is the quintessence of human wisdom. Remember the placebo effect! And tightly understand that ineffective (or not effective...) drug in case you believe in it, can heal you from the most serious "won". Whereas ultra-modern and proven "elevating" medication, in situation you lack of faith in its effectiveness, can at best be of little use... As you probably know, in the integral neuroprogramming this problem has long been solved (sorry, but that just him...). By creating willingness: to healing and future life in this strange status healed. And through a system of required beliefs.

Second – language – is a real stumbling block for all who use it in "classic" option. Because our body, being embodied unconscious words and phrases somehow do not understand. Entirely: is that just as it slightly catches the shades of emotions and meanings. Just as we recognize vaguely listening to speech in an unfamiliar language. But it understands the codes of the unconscious, since in the integral neuroprogramming four.

1. Neurological (images, sensations, sounds).

2. Psychosomatic (value and form of presentation of the texts).

3. Symbolic (there are all sorts of symbols and metaphors).

4. Spatial (location only subjective in so-called personal space).


This means that using IPN, you could quite easily negotiate with your body on the vital issues of illness and health. Unless, of course, own this most chetyrehochkovym.

Well and the third sense – is precisely that terribly interesting phenomenon, for the sake of finding whom you have to pick a relatively long (we have a few dozen hours – but, alas, still) psychotherapy. Because the trouble, of course, has its own profound meaning. Without understanding and acceptance of which by you she's not going anywhere.

But your health might be like obespylennym! Because it at least implies:

  • first, you take responsibility for your own life
  • second – refusal position is helpless and therefore in need of in the universal sympathy and aid of the victim.

All that we in the integral neuroprogramming already know and are perfectly able to do. Literally bringing people from bessmyslennoe survival in the full sense of life. In happiness, joy and health.

So a return to health, as you probably already understood, it is even possible, and even almost guaranteed. Anyway – in the IEF. Where implemented as much of the above and more. And even as if beyond the conventionally accepted boundaries of the possible.


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P. S. I Almost forgot – sorry – to add one more thing: very important. That their health is not important, original or acquired – you can save only in the case if you lead a healthy life. Because there are all sorts of madness type of drinking and partying, which overwhelmed the lives of many, have a tendency, bezboleznenno passing in his youth, after 45 years to turn someone into a wreck. published


Author: Sergey Kovalev


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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