Why you have to train even tired

All the familiar feelings of fatigue during exercise. Let's say you already ran 15 miles of the marathon, and everything is fine. But at 16 strength you left completely: muscle ache all at once and at the same time, in the mind of the heartbeat, and the legs just refuse to run further. That's it now you really need to make an effort.

No problem, if you have successfully trained my body and mind to overcome such obstacles. But, most often, problems arise. You want nothing more than to just stop this unnecessary testing and, eventually, get some rest.

Today we will tell you why it is so important to continue the classes, even the Charter to that extent. Because this load will allow you to become a real athlete.


Before training

Excessive weight, you often feel before exercise, is not in the body but in the head. The body will never understand and will not understand why this is you take on him the extra burden in the absence of extreme situations. Do not listen to the arguments of a lazy mind, whispering to run for half an hour home and get some rest, and then! Go to the hall. Training the energy level of the body lowers and raises. So, after class, even the most severe, you will still feel better.


Low energy

After the first half of the workout, you begin to experience fatigue. This is the second attempt of the body to save accumulated on the couch the energy to deal with it is not so simple. In the second part of the session, or at the very end of it, the athlete feels a quite understandable fatigue. The concentration is reduced, I want to drop everything and go, in the end, cozy home. Get over yourself and follow the plan to the end. It will increase the stamina of the body.


Causes of fatigue

It's possible that "sponsor" your current fatigue acts as a working space. Too long time spent behind a Desk, comfortable (especially comfortable) chair will not drive energy. You will help a small but intense training, after which the blood will be serotonin and endorphins.


Overcoming yourself

Do not forget about the psychological benefits. When you learn to resist fatigue, to overcome the difficulties challenging workout, then get a nice bonus in the form of confidence. This will expand your possibilities and show that, in fact, you can do much more than it seems at first glance.


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Interval training

The benefit of interval training was opened in the 1960-ies of the last century. They allow you to work at maximum effort and a good idea to save time. In addition, the fatigue after these sessions is much lower than after normal training: artificially stir up the heart rate surpasses the oxygen-rich blood at high speed, the athlete feels stronger, smarter and tougher.published


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