13 films to see this fall

It's time for the fall premieres, among which there are movies with brilliant acting and perhaps future Oscar-winners. There are less large-scale premieres, which also attract attention, for example, the spectacular "light in the ocean" and the sci - Fi film "the Arrival" with Amy Adams.


"Light in the ocean" is already in the box


Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander has proved its right to be considered outstanding actors of our time, performing the role of spouses whose life is shattered after they find a boat with a baby girl. The film is based on the novel by M. L. Stedman, and paints us a fascinating picture of self-sacrifice.


"Max rose" — already in the box

This is the first main role in a movie Jerry Lewis since "King of Comedy" by Martin Scorsese, filmed in 1982. The legendary actor, who recently turned 90 years old, played the dramatic role of a jazz musician, which has painfully experienced the death of his wife and suddenly finds out that she may have been unfaithful to him.


"Bridget Jones"

Exchanging fifth decade, Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), it would seem, may assume that her life took place: she's a producer for a prestigious news show. But it's still the same Bridget Jones! After learning of her pregnancy, she tries to figure out who the father of her unborn child: her eternal affection, mark Darcy (Colin Firth) or recently met American Jack (Patrick Dempsey).


"Snowden" is already in the box


Oliver stone made a film about how Edward Snowden (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has become one of the most famous leakers in U.S. history.


"Revenge" couture

Kate Winslet plays the role of a dressmaker who returns to his hometown in Australia to restore his good name and gradually changing the appearance of the city.


The storks

Storks no longer bring children and switched to fedex. However, one of them (voiced by Andy Samberg) screwed up, and now he urgently needed to deliver a baby girl to her parents.


"Queen Katwa"

The girl from Uganda becomes the world chess champion in the movie, filmed by Mira Nair ("Wedding in the rainy season"). Starring Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo.




"Underwater horizon"

Mark Wahlberg in the film about the explosion on the oil platform, which led to one of the worst manmade disasters in American history.



"The house of strange children miss peregrine"

A story that was just created for the film adaptation by Tim Burton. The boy finds himself in a strange house where there are children with unusual abilities.




"The girl on the train"


Emily blunt plays a recently divorced woman who becomes a witness in the case about the disappearance. The adaptation of the eponymous bestseller.


"Hunter eagles"

One of the strongest films of the fall can be a documentary movie, filmed in Mongolia. This is the story of 13-year-old girl, the first huntress in the history of the family that within 12 generations engaged in fishing eagles. Voice-over belongs to Daisy Ridley from Star wars, the film also sounds original song FIC. It's really cool.




Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon from "the da Vinci Code" in a new film about the adventures of a Professor of semiotics. A lot of mysteries and theology.


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"The arrival" — November 21

Sci-Fi movie with Amy Adams in the title role, one of the favorites for the "Oscar". This is more than just another story about contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.published


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