6 signs that your husband is already mentally divorced you

Psychotherapist and family psychologist Becky Weston claims that many married men to a specific point in family life time to experience a state that psychologists call "emotional divorce". This moment was characterized by the highest degree of dissatisfaction with their partner and marriage in General. To survive the emotional divorce can, both men and women.

The very existence of this phenomenon is not surprising. Everyone copes with the emotional experiences of this kind in his own way, but there are some signs that will help you to understand that this relationship is not so smooth.

So, here are 6 signs that your partner is emotionally ready to divorce you.

He criticizes almost everything you do

"When we love, we can easily forgive a partner of his tiny imperfections," says Dr Debra Campbell. We do not pay much attention to what our partner or fiancee forgot to turn off the lights before going out, or watered our flowers, because of what those wilted. It all seems a vital detail: the fact that everyday!

But over time love fades away, giving way to a deeper and calmer feeling. In this period the "swim" of the various faults that you just didn't notice before. And here it is important to pay attention to the dissatisfaction of partner, to try to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding.

Isolating you become the norm

Another sign of cooling relations – a desire to isolate themselves. You start from time to time feel that you and your partner experiencing the wall: you don't answer questions or answer briefly and dryly.

"This condition usually occurs as a result of a quarrel: the man is so upset that isolated in their experiences", says family therapist Laura heck. If your showdown ended in abrupt silence your companion (or your) take a pause – 20 minutes. Just calm down. If you are in a more relaxed environment will not solve the issue constructively, then sooner or later the habit to build an imaginary wall can lead to a very real divorce.

It is very annoying when you don't fulfill the assumed obligations

If you have already several times had not complied with his requests, be sure he is not happy (even if he didn't tell you that). Wetston notices that in such situations people usually understand the only person you can count on – they.

They can purposefully observe the performance of each of your promises, and in the process of observation is already beginning to mentally break the thin threads of your connection. The only way to avoid the risk of a breakup is to do what is assumed. If you are sure that you will be able to come for dinner at 18.00 – don't promise: will save your nerves, and the nerves of your beloved.

You no longer have fun together

An important indicator of a happy relationship is the ability of a couple happy spending time together and laughing. If you noticed that it has become a duty — think about it.

Dr. Alicia Clark, a psychologist from Washington, reports that the cooling of relations can be recognized by short remarks and a long silence. If your companion or the companion of an introvert, and that kind of behavior for him or her is the norm, it is possible that nothing to worry about. However, if the previously-closed behavior for a partner, was not observed is a reason to give each other more attention.

Best help laughing. Tell each other as soon as you can. Laughter enables you to break down the emotional barrier, even if this barrier arose because of mutual resentment and unresolved issues.

He refuses to talk "heart to heart"

According to Dr. R. Scott Gornto, the lack of communication is one of the most important signs of distancing. Even if, in response to your words your partner rolls his eyes or grumbles is not a problem.

Worse if your companion generally shows no interest in what you say – not listening or listening in a detached way, respond briefly and without interest at all strongly indicates that he does not want to keep the conversation going. In case if you noticed this change in your relationships – try to find out why as soon as possible. And most importantly – to identify ways to eliminate the distance between you, whatever it was called.

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He relies more on the support of other people than on your

The lack of mutual support – is not a healthy sign. This does not mean that you have to pry all of his emotional feelings, but if you noticed that your partner gets the emotional support side (mother, aunt, friend, colleague) to be wary.

And the point here is, you guessed it, not that he or she is physically cheating on you with that person. The fact that you somehow did not trust serious spiritual experiences. Even if his or her feelings associated with your family life and differences that you have discussed, you should at least discuss what should be talk with a friend, and what better to remain silent or to speak with you personally.published

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