That's why happy couples don't shout about their relationships in social networks

We live in a strange time when one status on the Internet sometimes means more than what happens in reality. People are willing to appreciate the lives of their friends and acquaintances as to which photos appear in their social networks and what status they put. And are often wrong.

The website asked the happy couple why they do not devote the entire Internet in their personal lives.

  • When people are happy in relationships, they live here and now. If in real life everything is OK, then you just don't see the point in wasting time online"hanging" and writing posts is evidence that you are happy with your favorite(oops).
  • Any couple passing in the General court all their disputes and grievances, nothing wins. Shake the litter out of the house in front of friends in social networks is the worst way to solve the problem in the relationship. Such an approach can only exacerbate the conflict.
  • Happiness is just to be in a good relationship with loved ones, and do not post new evidence of your love on his page.
  • No one owes nothing to prove. People do not use each other to prove how happy they are successful and loved. They are together, because we want it, not because of a tick in the "family situation". But, of course, to keep my private life private or to keep it secret — it's a private matter.

And most importantly, Scientists have found that people who do not use social networks, in General, more happy, because it is not involved the constant comparing myself with colleagues and friends, who always like something better than us. We often forget that the most important is our real life, relationships and feelings, and not chasing recognition in the network.


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