10 things that will never tell the happy couple

There are things that are not accepted to discuss in society: some of them are contrary to the moral and ethical standards, and something people just do not want to share. With talk of things Happiness is the case, because it is known to love peace. But how can we understand, you are a happy couple, or you have more work to do?

< Website recommends checking how many situations in these cute illustrations describe your relationship.

Happy couples always kiss when meeting and parting

Happy couples do not set up your romantic life in the social network

Happy couples, even a quarrel, do not cease to love and care for each other

Happy couples are not shy in public, calling each other pet names and nicknames

Happy couples are aware of the shortcomings of each other, but do not pay attention to them

Happy couples tell each other nice words and compliments, not only on holidays

have happy couples have common hobbies and interests

But it is in the happy couples each have a private space

Happy couples always and everywhere support each other

The happy couples love each other always come first

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