This simple technique will help get rid of headaches and stress for 30 seconds

Headache - not the most pleasant feeling. Especially when it happens at work or on the road, and the necessary medication on hand there, and take them once again, too, do not want to.

Today Website to share with you a simple way to help cope with a headache and stress in just 30 seconds without the aid of drugs.

At this point there are active body, massage effect which can alleviate the pain of various origins. The technique of acupressure is perfect and in order to cope with bouts of headache.

We need a massage point is located on the palm, between thumb and forefinger. To find it, connect these fingers. See protruding muscle on the palm? This is precisely the point.

What should I do?

Click on it so that your thumb was on top, on the back of the hand and index finger - in the palm of your hand. Push the point for 30 seconds, and then change hands and press the point on the other hand, another 30 seconds. If everything is done correctly, then very soon will take the headache.

< Important!

Massage this point is contraindicated in pregnant women, as the impact it may cause premature contractions.

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