16 reasons why you should not leave children with the Pope

It's no secret that moms and dads are very different views on parenting. And if the mother intuitively know how to deal with the child, the Pope and then come up with 1000 and 1 way to have fun with your baby.

< Website offers a glimpse of what happens when Dad left home alone with the children

When the head of your child -. well, a hair's breadth of kiwi

Pope will not teach bad!

And you weak?

Steam treatments and dad - a real pleasure

Some, in truth so hard to please!

When a little overdone with foam

This toy will do for us!

«Son, the most dangerous thing I fenced from you!"

Pope tired, dad need a break

How I spent father's Day

When dad - engineer

«I think not need to swaddle the child, yes?»

«My dear, there is a TV!»

«My daughter asked for a ponytail. Cool out, is not it? »

Laying cleaner - quickly, efficiently, cheaply

« All right, it's time for Mom! "

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