The psychologist advised me to avoid men who love the woman weakness, and here's why

Psychologist, specialist in family matters, Paul Zygmantovich considered with an unexpected question about the notorious female "weakness." The website shares his view with his reader. Many women melt when a man says that a woman should be weak and defenseless, then I, as a man, blossom, want to care and show all sorts of wonderful masculine qualities.

Such reports are depriving a woman of will and mind, like a tune from an old Soviet cartoon deprive the will of the elephant.

Meanwhile, before us is a striking example of the lure. You know, a glowing outgrowth of some deep-sea fish, which they lure prey.

Lure to eat.

Zygmantovich.sosucam man weak woman Here's the truth of life — these men are not looking for weak women. Mentioned men looking for women submissive.

This happens because these men, for whatever their reasons or are able to comply, or to subdue. The option "agree" for some reason they don't use.

Of course, to obey they do not want, so choose the remaining option. It's all clothed (not always intentionally) in the beautiful rhetoric of female weakness.

Submissive woman does not resist, she is obedient and does what she is ordered, it is easy to bend. If you can not agree and do not want to obey, it is the only suitable option.

So let's be honest — weak women are not looking for strong men. Weak women looking for men domineering. And this is a huge difference — the strong do not have power, power is not necessarily strong. But power requires submission.

Care? No, not heard... Yes, these men say they care... But words and reality in the discussed cases differ. Very strongly disagree.

Women in these cases do not receive care. He gets custody.

I already wrote, and the care differs from foster care (see the post "People don't know how to take care of loved ones"). Briefly, the caring attention to the needs of the person. Guardianship is the life of an incapacitated person.

A weak woman is incapacitated person. She's weak.

Simply put, the man will be for her to decide what she should do. He will decide what to wear, where to go, what to read and whom to be friends. For the simple reason that he is strong and she is weak and needs care.

Don't be fooled — we are not talking about care. We are talking about custody.

Women, meanwhile, naively believe that concern will manifest itself differently. Namely: the male will do what she feels comfortable with.

No! A man will do what he thinks is right. And if he thinks is right to protect you from meetings with friends, he will do it. And call it concern.

Though in fact it will be the care and tutelage of the most successful.

The taming of the shrew no man can long to be submissive — that is our nature, we need, vital to the freedom in choosing (at least in some part). If we have this freedom no, we're starting to rebel.

And discussing women at some time do not obey. For example, still meet with friends. Or refuse to have sex because I don't want it. Or anything else.

How will it be assessed? Properly as the obstinacy. And, therefore, not a weakness. And, therefore, the departure from the proper female behavior.

What to do in such cases? To tame the shrew.

And it'll be a miracle if the taming will focus only on the words.

Allow a little emotionally retreat. Don't know if you've ever had to communicate with women who hit men under the slogan "And there was nothing to argue with!". Me because of work, ever. To put it mildly, this work is not pretty. To see a man beaten close (close it?) only for the view — it's still fun. Unfortunately, the described men sincerely believe that they have the right "to teach stroptimize", and do not see in their actions anything wrong.

Or the woman refused to have sex, for which her husband "taught a lesson". Not persuaded, not filed, not seduced, bribed, at worst. No — schooled. Along the way, breaking two ribs and organizing your favorite (favorite it?) mild traumatic brain injury. And also declared that he's all caring and "a woman should be weak, so I could feel like a man." Probably, felt.

Who to look for? Well, if not strong men, what to look for — weak? To carry him on piggyback and drag all his life along with his sofa?

No, of course not. Looking for men who if you don't know at least tend to agree. It's easy to spot a man you did not cave in, for example, during the selection of a film. He does not bend to you. He agrees (or at least trying to negotiate).

Looking for men who recognize in you a certain autonomy (and, of course, accept the same autonomy for men). In other words, look for men who don't tell you what to do and what to do (and do not specify, of course).

Looking for men who are attentive to your needs and needs and not decide for you, drink you milk or ride a bike.

It's not guaranteed, of course, happiness (no guarantees) and does not guarantee unhappiness (similar), but still reduces the chances to suffer violence, to be "humiliated".

As for me — it is expensive.

Total. Do not believe a word. Be aware that the words "strong man looking for a weak woman" actually means "powerful man seeks submissive woman". Remember that to be submissive is always impossible. Keep in mind that for disobedience you will be punished. Understand that these penalties can easily become physical. Looking for men not overbearing, and accommodating. And bear in mind, a stone wall is not only a resident of the fortress, but also a prisoner in the dungeon.

And I have all, thank you for your attention.



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