URBANANA is vertical banana plantation

Urbanana (wonderful name, isn't it?) — unusual idea of a vertical banana plantation, which will review the principles of growing fruits and vegetables in the European capitals. The design of plantation Urbanana was proposed by SOA Architects. It will be posted in the traditional Parisian building and will provide local people with bananas imported into the European market complexity with aging and transportation.

Today it is almost impossible to get a good harvest of bananas outside the tropics. Bananas, which are sold in supermarkets, do not go to any comparison with tropical. In addition, Urbanana would allow right in the city all year round to grow is one of the favorite fruits of all Parisians, glass building will coexist with residential buildings, differing from them striking interior, which will be dominated by fruit trees, creating a sustainable human environment.

Bananas, like many other exotic fruits have become an indispensable cha-STU our diet. In addition to their use in the food industry, they are also widely used in the development of new KOs mioticeskih products. Unfortunately, the transportation to Europe of fruits that grow in the Caribbean, is not only very expensive, but also harms the environment. Compared to conventional procurement of fruit abroad, Urbanana suggests a mechanism for their cultivation, which will significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and will have a real impact on the national economy.

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