A47 mobile library in Mexico city

Library at all times were the centers of thought, the basis of Civilization. Of course, now these cultural objects can not boast of great popularity and attendance. But Mexican librarians decided: "If people do not go to the library, the library will go to the people!" And there was a mobile project A47.

However, in the capital of Mexico enthusiasts decided to create a mobile library without the above described disadvantage. The object with the name of the A47 — this is a real library on wheels that moves on the streets of Mexico city.

Moreover, the A47 is not the old bus, which had long been moribund, and it is a new vehicle, decorated in a modern style.

As in most of the buildings now under construction in the world, the mobile library A47 lots of Windows that allow for bright part of the day reading books without artificial light source. In the evening, these Windows work to attract the attention of passersby, who are happy to consider what is happening inside the reading room and often join themselves to the reader.

For the convenience of visitors to the library on wheels A47 floor inside the room the reading room is made of soft ledges, which is very comfortable to sit and even lie down, flipping through the pages of books, magazines and Newspapers.

Just on the shelves of the mobile library A47 holds about 1500 books. This, of course, can not be compared with the great modern facilities of its kind, but it is quite normal for a van that moves on the streets of Mexico city in order to give the opportunity to read an interesting artistic, scientific and journalistic literature to those who cannot afford to buy it.

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