Green tea prevents cancer of the blood

According to Japanese research, green tea may reduce the risk of certain types of blood cancer.

For prevention you should drink neither more nor less – five cups per day. Green tea also reduces the risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease. Scientists from Tohoku University have identified another health effect of this bitter drink.

Collecting data on eating and drinking habits of people aged between 40 to 79лет, a group of scientists conducted research for nine years. 749 19 men and 22 women 012 a cancer to the beginning of the experiment was not sick. After the control time, 157 respondents were diagnosed with blood cancer, lymphatic system and bone marrow. As it turned out, among cases, there was almost no green tea lovers. The risk of developing blood cancer fans the tea party was 42% lower. And the risk of cancer of the lymphatic system has fallen to 48%.

Thanks to the powerful antioxidants – catechins, green tea prevents the growth of cancer cells. Drink protects against cancer of the pancreas and intestines, as well as from lung cancer.

For millennia, green tea is used as traditional medicine in Japan, China and Thailand to stop bleeding, heal wounds and regulate body temperature and blood sugar.

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