Conceptual transport Passing Cloud

In the future people will be able to move through the air, and not only on aircraft but also on the artificial clouds. And operate this transportation will be on the same principle: the cloud you never know where it will bring them the wind that people who have decided to take a trip on the man-made ship-the cloud called Passing Cloud will also fly into the unknown.

The author of the amazing concept of public transport of the future, designer Tiago Barros (Tiago Barros) from Portugal, decided that the adventure will be the first to go in "passing cloud" Passing Cloud, as this trip promises passengers a lot of surprises.

Man-made cloud Passing Cloud is a massive steel structure on which are fixed several large balloons holding the weight of the nylon fabric. The whole system is somewhat similar to the airship, but only in the form of a cloud driven by the wind and moving in his direction.

The concept of public transport of the future, of course, looks very fantastic. But nobody knows what to expect in 10-15 years from science and modern technology...

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